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Throttle Controllers

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EVC Throttle Controller - EVC622L
EVC Throttle Controller - EVC505L
EVC Throttle Controller - EVC171
EVC Throttle Controller - EVC161L
EVC Throttle Controller - EVC326
EVC Throttle Controller - EVC313L
EVC Throttle Controller - EVC668
EVC Throttle Controller - EVC152
EVC Throttle Controller - EVC302L
Hummingbird Turbo Idle Timer - HMLI003
Narva Back Up Alarm 12 To 48V 102Db Fixed - 72610
Hella Back Up Alarm 12 Or 24V 82-102Db Self Adjusting Ip66 - 6013
EVC Throttle Controller - EVC652L
EVC Throttle Controller - EVC551
EVC Throttle Controller - EVC124AN
EVC Throttle Controller - EVC802
EVC Throttle Controller - EVC804L
EVC Throttle Controller - EVC301L
EVC Throttle Controller - EVC806
EVC Throttle Controller - EVC525
Showing 1 - 20 of 25 products

Throttle Controllers - Tune your throttle response depending on your driving style

Shop Our Range Of Throttle Controllers

Tired of lack-lustre throttle response or just want to tailor your throttle inputs to the type of driving you do? With a throttle controller you can do just that! Modern vehicles with fly-by-wire throttle systems often suffer from throttle lag and delay as a result of no physical connection between the throttle pedal and the throttle body.

Taking Your Car To The Next Level With An EVC Throttle Controller

Providing new points of reference with an evc throttle controller, making accelerating easier than ever. Saying goodbye to factory settings and enjoy the evc throttle modes such as eco mode, automatic control, normal mode and ultimate mode. Take your car to the next level with Repco.

Throttle controllers work to tune throttle response to make it slower, softer, faster, more aggressive or anything in between to suit a range of driving styles and applications, including towing, 4-wheel driving or even just on the daily commute. At Repco, we have a huge range of Ultimate 9 (previously known as iDrive) Throttle Controllers to suit a huge range of over 80 vehicles. Throttle controllers are easy to install and don't require any mechanical or electrical wizardry to get your throttle controller installed in your vehicle. Throttle controllers like the Ultimate 9 range plugin between your existing throttle assembly and the factory plug, the wiring can then be tucked away and the display mounted in a suitable location.

Choose The Right EVC Throttle Controller With Repco Today

Most throttle controllers have a range of settings ranging from sedate 'economy' settings up to aggressive 'power' settings with a range of options to choose in between. Economy modes are best suited to softer throttle response and low-speed driving situations such as a technical descent or incline when four-wheel driving and is also great for low-speed towing situations when trying to hook up the trailer reverse into a tricky park spot or find the perfect flat spot for the caravan. Power settings are ideal for sharper throttle response and instant power delivery. These settings should be used when 100% throttle is required instantly for situations like everyday driving, towing, four-wheel driving through sand or mud and even spirited drives through the twisties. Some throttle controllers like the ones from Ultimate 9 (formerly EVC Throttle Controllers) feature an automatic driving setting. This mode automatically selects the best mode, depending on your current driving style. This mode changes on the fly to ensure that you are always driving with the most appropriate setting.

Throttle controllers work by adjusting the torque request sent to the ECU and introduce a sharper, softer or more linear throttle curve depending on the setting. This is just how professional ECU tuners tune cars, however, at the fraction of the price and with the ability to switch between different maps and even remove the unit altogether, it makes much more sense to go with a throttle controller.

No More Throttle Lag, Find The Ultimate Mode Today With An EVC Throttle Controller

To shop the full range of throttle controllers as well as a range of other great driver assistance technology with Repco. With the ultimate throttle response, you will never feel a large hesitation after putting your foot down on the accelerator. EVC throttle controllers are among the most intelligent throttle controllers for sale, with four driving modes to suit everyone's needs: automatic control mode, normal mode, economy mode, and ultimate mode. Perfect throttle response is what you want when you use the accelerator pedal, making every day driving easier than ever.

Now, with our click and collect and home delivery options, we can get these to you sooner and with a minimum of hassle. If you need further information or to select the right option, come in store today to speak to our knowledgeable staff about the right options today.

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