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Brake Pads

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Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT Extreme - DB1328REX
Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT Extreme - DB2217REX
Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT Extreme - DB1200REX
Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT - DB1393RCT
Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT - DB1434RCT
Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT Extreme - DB1739REX
Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT Extreme - DB1841REX

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT - DB1942RCT
Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT - DB2002RCT
Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT Inc Sensor - DB1405RCT
Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT Extreme - DB2074REX
Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT - DB1509RCT
Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT - DB2294RCT
Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT - DB2034RCT
Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT - DB1763RCT
Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT - DB1832RCT
Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT - DB1722RCT
Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT - DB1679RCT
Repco Brake Pads Set - RCT - DB1741RCT
Showing 1 - 19 of 3132 products

Get better braking performance out of your braking system with brake pads from Repco

Stay safe on the road with the best disc brake pads at Repco

Confident stopping power comes with fitting the right brake pads and selecting the right brake pad at Repco is made easy to ensure you get the most out of your next brake pad purchase. Factors such as your driving style and types of driving or towing are key to getting the most performance and value and at Repco, we stock the largest range of brake pads available. From quality brands such as Bendix, DBA and Repco mean we stock replacement brake pads for thousands of vehicles.

The dangers of worn disc brake pads

When a brake pad is over worn and not replaced in time, not only does brake fade set in and vehicle stopping distance extend, the wear on your disc rotor or disc brake may also require machining or replacement so brake pads should be replaced at the first sign of wear or, when that brake pedal does not seem to be effective as you would like. As the driver of your vehicle any of the symptoms of poor braking performance should be addressed by inspecting your brake pads and braking components. When doing this, or replacing your brake pad, also make sure you inspect your brake caliper for any leaks and brake fluid as a starting point.

Low brake fluid can contribute to poor braking performance, if your vehicle is using fluid then a leak in your caliper piston or brake system could be the culprit. It is more typical to need to replace the front brake pads on your vehicle more often due to the braking load distribution when stopping however make sure the rear brake pads are also inspected whenever you are doing your next brake pad replacement.

Choosing the best brake pad replacement for your vehicle

There are likely to be a number of different brake pads and brake pad brands to choose from that suit your vehicle that are suited for different driving styles. These often contain different friction material or are engineered to reduce brake dust (& keep your wheels cleaner) or dissipate heat faster to perform better under certain driving conditions. Choosing the right brake pads enabling performance under tougher conditions or at higher temperatures will not only afford you better stopping capability and less wear on other braking components, brake pads that are designed for your intended driving style will also delay brake fade and wear on your disc rotor surface giving you overall better value in the long run.

Selecting the right brake pads from the huge selection available is not as complicated as it seems. If you are regularly carrying loads in your construction or work vehicle or need to marry some real stopping power to your performance vehicle considering higher quality disc brake pads up front. Higher quality brake pads will prevent you from replacing your brake pads on a more frequent basis.

Brands like Bendix brake pads are a great option for that additional performance and solid brake pedal feel. The Bendix brake pad range covers different friction material that offers a wide range of passenger, 4x4 and performance options. Starting with the Bendix General CT brake pad range that covers most passenger vehicles and the Bendix 4x4/SUV brake pads offer a huge coverage of vehicles and are often a great starting point that meet or exceed the manufacturers specifications. The Bendix Heavy Duty brake pads range are great for working vehicles with loads and higher braking demands and the Bendix Euro brake pads that are a great OE alternative for European vehicles.

For everyday brake pad value without compromising quality or manufacturers specifications the Repco RCT brake pad is available for most vehicles and the Repco RCT Extreme brake pads for heavy duty 4x4/SUV or tow vehicle applications. These are a great alternative when considering your next brake pad replacement. The Silverline and ProSelect disc brakes are also a great alternative for the value conscious or vehicles driven for general use.

When purchasing disc brakes next don't get overwhelmed with the number of disc brake pads available, remember there are many disc brake pads and brands to cater for your driving style or vehicle use. Always remember regular maintenance and replacement of your worn disc brake pads will limit the time your car spends in the shop and reduce overall maintenance costs, every pack comes with two brake pads for the front or rear of your vehicle so if replacing all of your disc brake pads a front and rear set is required.

Whether disc brakes, rotors, or brake fluid we stock these and more for your vehicle at Repco

The range at Repco makes it your one stop vehicle shop for all disc brake pads and accessories. We also carry a range of braking tools and specialists´┐Ż tools are also available to make the job of removing your disc brake easy. If looking to upgrade your disc brake pads to a premium option also consider a disc rotor upgrade to complete your vehicle setup.

Matching your pads to your rotors will give you even better performance and premium rotors or upgraded rotors will improve brake friction increasing your stopping ability. Performance pads and rotors are easy to shop by searching your vehicle rego online and seeing all brakes and accessories for your car. Replacement brake calipers and caliper kits for your car are also available and can be found in most of our stores or online with our value and premium ranges.

Whether it is brands like Bendix, brakes for less popular model cars, safety, price, or durability you are after, take the friction out of brake buying by shopping online or at your local Repco store.

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