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Tie Rod Ends

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TRW Tie Rod End - JTE7565
TRW Tie Rod End - JTE268
TRW Tie Rod End - JTE7555
TRW Tie Rod End - JTE656
TRW Tie Rod End - JTE572
TRW Tie Rod End - JTE515
TRW Tie Rod End - JTE716

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TRW Tie Rod Assembly - JRA159
TRW Tie Rod End - JTE902
TRW Tie Rod End - JTE211
TRW Tie Rod End - JTE398
TRW Tie Rod End - JTE517
SAS Tie Rod End - RE1041
TRW Tie Rod End - JTE1080
TRW Tie Rod End - JTE7556
TRW Tie Rod End - JTE7552
TRW Tie Rod End - JTE7553
TRW Tie Rod End - JTE646
TRW Tie Rod End - JTE903
Showing 1 - 19 of 721 products

Keeping your steering straight and invest in new tie rod ends for your vehicle

Repco have the largest range of tie rod end and steering components

Responsive steering is key, and whether in in traffic or trekking up a tricky mountain trail you need your steering components working in unison. One of the critical components in this are your tie rod ends attached to your steering rack. The tight and responsive function of your tie rod ends help transmit the turning of your steering wheel into accurate turning of your vehicle.


Popular Questions Asked

What happens when tie rod ends go out?

Worn tie rod ends can be felt by shaking or vibration through your steering wheel when you are driving. Tie rods and particularly outer tie rod ends are subject to both movement and vibration as well as dirt, water and road grime that lead to slop and play in the tie rod end. Inner tie rod ends are shielded by a rubber rack end boot so these are a little more resilient but these too suffer from movement and wear.

Can you drive with a broken tie rod?

A tie rod will wear for a significant amount of time and vary rarely do they break. You can drive on a worn tie rod but your steering will be inoperative if the tie rod end is broken.

How much will it cost to fix a tie rod?

The average cost of an outer tie rod end is between $30 and $60 and labour to replace a single side should not be more than an hour. Once changed however you would require a wheel alignment to ensure your wheels track straight and don't contribute to excess tyre wear. While the tie rod is being changed your mechanic will check for excess wear in ball joints, steering knuckle and the steering rack and will recommend replacement if needed.

Search and shop Repco online for the largest range of steering and suspension components to stay safe on the road. With a store location near you we have the product availability and best brand names to outfit your car with the very best. We even offer home delivery so when your vehicle is up on jack stands you get the parts you need quickly delivered to complete the job.

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