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Hylomar Gasket Compound 100g - HYL100
CRC Grey RTV Gasket Sensor Safe 85g - 8637
CRC Gasket Stripper 300g - 5021
Loctite SI 596 High Temp Red Superflex RTV 85g - 287421
VHT Copper Gasket Cement 355ml - SP21
CRC Red RTV Gasket 340 85g - 8629
CRC Red RTV Gasket 340 300g - 5078

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Loctite SI 305 Flexible RTV Gasket Maker 300gm Blue - 34247
CRC Grey RTV Gasket Sensor Safe 300g - 5079
Loctite 518 Gasket Maker 25ml - 2099616
Loctite SI 305 Blue RTV Silicone Gasket Maker 85gm - 34248
Nylog Blue Thread, O-ring & Gasket Sealant 30ml - TOX137
Selleys Instant Gasket GS75 75g - 100177/AF05
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products

Get A Quality Seal With Our Range Of Gasket Cements And Gasket Sealants

Shop Our Range Of Gasket Sealants

For the superior sealing power and long life durability you can't go past the range of gasket sealants and silicones at Repco. Whether it be a high temp silicone, a muffler putty or a flange sealant, we have all these and more to produce the strong and durable bond for all your automotive components. Don't be spending the time on disassembly and assembly only to use inferior products when we have the full range covering every application. Repco stocks a wide range of gasket sealer brands from Permatex, Loctite, JB Weld, and ThreeBond.

What Does A Gasket Sealers Do?

A sealant is designed to hold the solid gaskets in place, this is used to reinforce both the joints, leakage resistant and add strength. Sealers should be used in small amounts, you don't need a lot. A small amount should be smeared alongside the gasket. Gasket sealer is used for an array of applications, including neoprene transmission pan gaskets, metal to metal flanges, mating surfaces, cork gaskets and rubber gaskets.

Gasket making silicones and sealants come in a wide range of composites comprising gasket makers in hard and soft setting formats, high temperature, anaerobic and gasket sealants, as well as flange sealants. This also includes quick-dry and rapid set sealants and gasket makers to ensure you are covered for all your automotive gasket requirements. As for the difference between a standard and an RTV silicone, the RTV stands for Room Temperature Vulcanizing, which means it begins to immediately cure when exposed to air. Most silicones in the automotive field are RTV due to working well as a sealer as well as being adhesive and holding their shape.

Why Do I Need a Gasket Sealant?

Just as you wouldn't use a pair of pliers to tighten a nut or bolt, you also wouldn't use the incorrect silicone or sealant when repairing or servicing your vehicle's engine. Available in a myriad of formulations and composites, a gasket sealant or silicone is perfectly suited for the exact repair you are undertaking to enable a tight and long-lasting seal. Whether it's a high-temperature silicone for engine components such as oil pans and water pump housings through to an RTV silicone designed for weather strips and windscreens, you can find the ideal solution to any automotive requirement.

Our Range Of Gasket Sealer

Carrying the best brands means their industry knowledge and experience provides a full complement of quality gasket sealant products designed to create that durable bond in whatever environment you find yourself in. We have a vast range of gasket sealants from slow drying sealer, fast-drying, non-hardening, and fast hardening. Repco is the one shop stop to find the right gasket sealants to get the job done. So whether it is as simple as a leaking windscreen seal through to sealing a leaking exhaust manifold, all these products are developed to provide the strength, durability and flexibility required.

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Stocking not just quality gasket products we also carry fastener locking and general adhesives for just about any automotive application from headliner adhesive to high strength thread lockers and gasket material. When it comes to stocking the right adhesives and sealants for your vehicle trust Repco.

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