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Turbo Accessories

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Permaseal Turbo Gasket - TUR002
Permaseal Turbo Gasket - TUR041
Gates Moulded Turbo Charger Hose - 09-0327
Cateran Replacement Turbo Oil Line Kit - FOR-401
Permaseal Turbo Gasket Kit - TK005
Cateran Turbo Gasket Kit - FOR-204
Permaseal Turbo Gasket Kit - TK038
Permaseal Turbo Outlet Gasket - TUR010
Permaseal Turbo Outlet Gasket - TUR071
Permaseal Turbo Gasket Kit - TK003
Permaseal Turbo Gasket - TUR029
Permaseal Turbo Outlet Gasket - TUR007
Permaseal Gasket - Turbo (3 Bolt) - TUR011
Cateran Turbo Gasket Kit - ISU-213
Permaseal Turbo Gasket Kit - TK026
Cateran Replacement Turbo Oil Line Kit - TOY-403
Permaseal Turbo Outlet Gasket - TUR086
Permaseal Turbo Inlet Gasket - TUR090
Permaseal Turbo Inlet Gasket - TUR141
Permaseal Turbo Inlet Gasket - TUR103
Showing 1 - 20 of 243 products

Turbo Accessories

Turbo Accessories covers things like blow off valves & springs, gaskets, oil lines, fastener kits, fuel pressure & oil pressure regulators. A lot of the items required to make a turbocharger set up operational and to keep it maintained.

Popular Questions Asked

What is a Blow Off Valve & Blow off Valve Spring?

Blow off valves let pressure out of the intake manifold, especially in a rapid throttle off condition after hard acceleration. They stop the compressor from building air pressure that the intake system is not built for. The different springs can change the pressure at which the blow off valve operates or opens.

What are Turbocharger gaskets?

These gaskets are brand or model specific and built tough and strong to handle the pressure and heat turbochargers can generate. If you use a normal gasket it may not have the sealing ability to handle a turbocharger.

What are Turbo Oil Lines?

Oiling is critical on the bearings of a Turbo. A lot of companies supply specialist lines to make sure they get the correct flow of oil through to the bearings to help keep them cool and lubricated.

What are Turbo Fastener Kits?

These fasteners are used to put together and install the Turbocharger and its fittings. They are brand specific and designed to be strong and durable.

Why do you need a Fuel Pressure regulator?

For EFI systems running a turbo to maintain a constant fuel pressure above the intake manifold pressure.

Why do you need an Oil Pressure regulator?

As oiling systems are critical, too much oil pressure may force oil into area's it should not be in like the exhaust or intake.

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