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Specialty Paints

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Plasti Dip Can - Black 311g - 68 11203
Catalogue Sale
Save $12
Hurry Sale Ends - 23/04/2024
Dupli-Color Vinyl & Fabric Paint Flat Black 311g - HVP106
Raptor Engine Enamel Flat Black 295G - REEFB/AL
Raptor Flameproof Flat Black 295G - RFLFB/AL
Raptor Flameproof Primer Grey 295G - RFLPG/AL
VHT Engine Enamel Paint Gloss Black 325ml - SP124
VHT Vinyl Dye Satin Black Paint - 325ml - SP942

Repco Petrol & Diesel Injector Cleaner

Restore lost power and boost fuel economy when adding Repco Fuel Injector Cleaner next time you fill up.

VHT Engine Enamel Cast Iron 325ml - SP997
VHT Wheel Paint Clear Coat 312g - SP184A
Omega Roll Bar Paint Satin Black Spray 400g - AA-RBSB400G
VHT Brake Caliper Paint Aluminium 325ml - SP735
VHT Wheel Paint Gloss Black 325ml - SP187
Plasti Dip Can - White 450ml - 68 11207
Dupli-Color Matte Carbon Black Custom Wrap 311gm - CWRC794
VHT Engine Enamel Paint Pontiac Blue 350ml - SP122
Raptor Engine Enamel Satin Black 295G - REESB/AL
Raptor Engine Enamel Gloss Clear 295G - REEGC/AL
VHT Engine Enamel Paint Bright Red 325ml - SP121-A
CRC Paint Marker Pen White - 20395
Showing 1 - 19 of 85 products

Quality Specialty Paints for all automotive applications at Repco

Shop Our Range Of Spray Paint To Suit Your Every Need

Whether it is high temp paint for engines or exhausts, through to a tough protective coating paint for ute lining or underbody coverage you can rely on the range of specialty paint from Repco. Stocking the widest range of paint for a multitude of applications your local Repco store provides the solutions to keeping your vehicle looking its best. Whether you want to paint car rims, spray paints to paint your brake calipers or engine bay, we have you set. With a range of brands to get the paint job done from Dupli-Colour, Raptor, VHT Paint, Rust-Oleum and Plastibond.

Taking Your Pride And Joy To The Next Level With Specialty Paint

When looking to do that period correct resto or wanting to put your own touch on your special car or bike, a specialty paint is needed to complete the job. Featuring a range of manufacturer specific colours in high temperature paints or engine enamels allows you to spray engine blocks, exhaust headers or water pumps in the exact colour it rolled down the production line. The ceramic resins in these paints not only provide a barrier against excessive heat but also enable you to finish your project in style.

Details such as this are critical in maintaining the value of your classic car but also bringing home the trophies at your local car show. When it's not so much about originality and more about your own flair and personality we stock a wide variety of outlandish colours and textured paints to stand out from the crowd. Why settle for a flat black or white when an anodised purple or metallic gold makes a true statement.

Fusing both the latest in paint technology with the knowledge and experience of established brands as VHT, Dupli-Color or Upol gives you the best in paint coatings to cover every part of your vehicle. Brake calipers, valve covers, roll bars and wheels are just some of the components that each have their own specialty paint and each is formulated to provide the tough coating and durable finish to last years of motoring. With the right preparation and application you will have a finish that both protects and enhances any surface.

Preparation Is Key When It Comes To Painting

When undertaking any sort of painting, whether automotive or not, it is vital to do the required preparation of the surface prior to paint application. Always use sugar soap or a wax and grease remover to ensure a clean surface to help the paint adhere. This also includes sanding and patching of the surface to provide a smooth blemish free surface on which to apply paint. Use either a quality etch primer before applying onto to non-ferrous metal surfaces or a plastic primer before applying onto plastic or fibreglass surfaces. The application of your colour matched top coat should be the last step in the process and this is where a quality paint will provide the smooth final coat to finish the job.

Whether It's Engine Enamel, Engine Blocks Or A Roll Bar, Repco Have You Covered

Whether you are looking for a new look, wanting a textured effect paint or want to take up a new hobby. Don't be skimping and using cheap inferior cans of aerosol paint to do the job when the expansive range of quality automotive specialty paint at Repco has the answers. Whether under bonnet, interior or exterior you will find a paint tailored to your specific requirements. Browse online or shop instore to pick the right engine enamel, truck bed liner, brake caliper paint or fabric dye for your vehicle and have it stand out from the crowd.

Using our store location finder or contact the stores prior to find the right spray paint for your vehicle hassle free. Check out best spray paints and surface preparation, check out if a discount offer is available and shop our range of brands under the same roof. Smart home shop with checkout made easy with our click collect and click and delivery services across Australia and New Zealand.

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Repco not only have specialty paints, we have a great range of spray paint in a variety of formulations. Whether you need some bright and vibrant colours for decorating a toy box for children's rooms or a galvanised paint for a steel trowel or exposed metal surface we have the range to suit.

Also catering for all your paint preparation needs we have masking tape, primer, and thinners to give you that great base to start painting from.

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