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Leaf spring shackle pins

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Leaf Spring Shackles & Shackle Pins

Leaf spring shackles are designed to give the leaf spring additional travel when the spring compresses and rebounds. Without it, the feeling would be like the axle was mounted directly onto the body. The spring would not have a lot of travel. They are commonly connected to the rear leaf spring eyelet and form the connector between the leaf spring and the rear chassis rail.

Spring shackles have 2 shackle pins and bushes that go around the shackle pins to help isolate the body from the smaller bumps and vibrations. The bushes are usually rubber or Nolathane though some are metal. Some of the shackle pins have grease nipples so you can lubricate the bushes. This is especially handy if used on a 4WD that really goes bush where the stresses and strains on suspension components is very high.

Popular Questions Asked

How do I know if I need to replace my spring shackle or shackle pins?

Usually it is the bushes that fail due to wear and tear. Not always easy to see visually unless the vehicle is sagging on one side or another or the clunking noise coming from the back. You may need to jack up the vehicle and take some load off the spring to see if there is any play in them.

Are Leaf Spring Shackles & Pins Easy to Replace?

Both the shackles and pins are easily replaceable. Jack, axle stand and some hand tools will do it. Sometimes old bushes and shackle pins can stick (rust, dust & age) and require a bit of 'persuading' to remove them so a small hammer and drift is handy.

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