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Pedal Pads

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Kelpro Pedal Pad - 29819
Kelpro Pedal Pad - 29915
Kelpro Pedal Pad - 29873
Kelpro Pedal Pad - 29871
Kelpro Pedal Pad - 29902
Kelpro Pedal Pad - 29817
Kelpro Pedal Pad - 29917

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Kelpro Pedal Pad - 29840
Kelpro Brake Pedal Pad - 29832
Kelpro Pedal Pad - 29894
Kelpro Pedal Pad - 29870
Kelpro Pedal Pad - 29888
Kelpro Pedal Pad - 29889
Kelpro Brake Pedal Pad - 29848
Kelpro Pedal Pad - 29813
Kelpro Pedal Pad - 29849
Kelpro Clutch / Brake Pedal Pad - 29935
Kelpro Pedal Pad - 29827
Kelpro Pedal Pad - 29909
Showing 1 - 19 of 70 products

Protect your car pedals with our range of pedal pads

Pedal pads can wear out over time, limiting the grip and traction on the pedals in your vehicle. Without pedal pads, your foot can easily slip off the pedal and could potentially cause an accident.

Here at Repco, we understand the importance of road safety and maintaining a high safety standard in your car.

With high quality materials, hard wearing durability and competitive prices, our car pedal pads are the ideal choice for you.

Regardless of your specific needs, our car pedal pads have something to suit you. For more information about the complete collection of car pedal pads and brake pedal pads, contact the team today. Whether it be in store, online or over the phone, we are here to help you.

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