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Repco are your car detailing specialists

Get professional car detailing at home with the best brands and best car detail products

Whether it is protecting your investment, loving the look of a shiny car or just a stickler for detail, you can trust Repco to bring you the best in car detailing products. Going beyond your average car wash and light car cleaning Repco can ensure your vehicle stays immaculate without the expense charged by car detailing services.

What is the difference between a car wash and car detailing services?

Car detailing is all about bringing your vehicle back to original or better than original condition. This is done through an interior detail with steam cleaning and deep cleaning of all interior surfaces and then a thorough exterior wash and detail to enhance paintwork through paint correction and paint protection.

Whilst an interior detail can be accomplished with relative ease it is the exterior full detail where you can really improve the appearance and lustre of vehicle paintwork, wheels and trims. This is what takes the time and where many of us are time poor and employ mobile car detailing to come and provide this.

Repco can provide the tools and equipment for both paint correction and paint protection

In order for you to bring your vehicle back to that new car standard you need to pay particular attention to your vehicle's paintwork. By removing tree sap, swirl marks and paint imperfections you can bring back that smooth as glass paint finish with deep, rich colour. From there it's about providing a ceramic coating to protect your car's paint against dirt, grime and contaminants.

Don't be relying on a mobile service to provide the best in car care when you can do much of this at home and get the sense of satisfaction that comes from doing it yourself. Repco have car polishers, air driers, carpet cleaners and all the accessories to make car detailing easy.

Car detailing made easy when you shop at Repco

Don't be shelling out your hard earned when the best quality car detailing comes from doing it yourself. With a multitude of online tutorials and many car detailing products being relatively simple to use you can easily renew and restore your vehicle to top condition with a little time and effort.

Having the convenience of a Repco store near you we sell affordable car detailing products and equipment to clean paint, tyres, wheels, interior and exterior trim to provide the best service to your vehicle.

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