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Carburettor Parts

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Drivepro Universal Choke Cable 72Inch
Fuelmiser Carburettor Repair Kit
Fuelmiser Carburettor Repair Kit
Fuelmiser Carburettor Repair Kit
Fuelmiser Carburettor Repair Kit
Fuelmiser Carburettor Repair Kit
Fuelmiser Carburettor Repair Kit

Repco Petrol & Diesel Injector Cleaner

Restore lost power and boost fuel economy when adding Repco Fuel Injector Cleaner next time you fill up.

Fuelmiser Carburettor Repair Kit
Fuelmiser Carburettor Repair Kit
Fuelmiser Carburettor Diaphragm
Fuelmiser Carburettor Gasket
Fuelmiser Gasket - Flange Carburettor - HYP-67
Fuelmiser Carburettor Needle & Seat Kit
Fuelmiser Carburettor Repair Kit
Fuelmiser Carburettor Repair Kit
Fuelmiser Carburettor Repair Kit
Fuelmiser Carburettor Diaphragm
Fuelmiser Carburettor Repair Kit
Fuelmiser Carburettor Repair Kit
Showing 1 - 19 of 37 products

Looking for a rebuild kit for your carburettor, we have the right carburettor parts for your vehicle

Restore engine performance with the right carburettor rebuild kits at Repco

Is there a better sound than a sweetly tuned side draught or down draught carburettor? All those carburettor parts operate in unison to provide the correct air and fuel mix to make your engine sing. With a Repco store location near you, we can provide the main jets, gaskets, floats and rebuild kits from Fuelmiser, Holley and Permaseal to service a wide range of carburettors to let your engine produce horsepower and cruise in style.

Popular Questions Asked

What is the function of a carburettor?

A carburettor is only used in older cars and are no longer used in modern vehicles. A carburettor is designed to deliver the fuel and air into the engine no matter if your vehicle is hot at high speeds or cold start in the morning. It regulates the mixture to ensure the engine continues to operate effortlessly through the valves, mixing together different amounts to ensure your vehicle runs correctly no matter how hard you are driving your vehicle.

What are the symptoms of a failing carburettor?

If your carburettor is on its way out or having issues, it will most likely cause issues with the performance and drivability of the vehicle. If you notice any of the below symptoms, it is important to rebuild your carburettor or get a replacement.

  • Exhaust smoke black - you should never see black smoke coming out of your exhaust system. Black smoke is usually an indication that there is a rich fuel mixture when you accelerate. This is a sign that your carburettor isn't working correctly because it adds too much fuel to the air and fuel mixture.
  • Issues starting your vehicle - various different reasons can cause this, however, if your air and fuel mixture are not correct, this can cause problems with starting your car. Depending on the nature of the issue, it may be hard to start whilst cold and get better when the engine warms up, or it may be hard to start the vehicle even when it is hot.
  • Engine performance reduced - a bad carburettor can cause power reduction or possibly sluggish acceleration as the fuel-air mixture may not be correct or not being delivered to the engine correctly.
  • Overheating or backfiring - another common symptom that can be caused by several different reasons, including if you are having issues with your carburettor. A mixture without enough fuel or a lean mixture can cause your vehicle to overheat or backfire. Your engine's performance can also be affected.

Why just tune a carburettor when a rebuild provides long-term performance gains?

Most vehicles that run a carburettor would be over 30 years old by now, and no matter the model, all could do with a freshen-up, if not a total rebuild. Weathered a worn diaphragm, sticking main jets, seals, or leaking gaskets are just some of the troubles that add up to engines performing below expectation and consuming excess fuel.

Compare and feel the benefit of fitting any of our carburettor components into your Rochester, Holley, Carter, Solex or Stromberg brand carburettor and let your car engine experience the intended performance when running strongly. A clean air filter and a perfectly calibrated carburettor are a horsepower match made in heaven.

Get all your fuel system parts and more from Repco

Search, shop and save on hundreds of carburettor parts suitable for the vast array of carburettor models available. Our stock comes from world-leading suppliers to enable you to purchase with confidence. Additionally, we offer fuel pumps, fuel system parts, carburettor cleaners and everything in between, Repco is your one-stop shop.

Whether it's a 4-cylinder from the UK, a roaring European 6 or a fire-breathing V8 from the USA or Australia, we can help you get it running well with our quality range of carburettor parts and components at Repco. With more than 400 stores across Australia and New Zealand, finding the auto parts you need has never been easier. Shop online or in your nearest store today.

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