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Car Sun Shades

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Gear Up Large Rectangle Side Window Car Sun Shade
Gearup Folding 140 x 70 Blue Car Sun Shade - GUASBLM
Repco Folding 170 x 95 Carbon Fibre Car Sun Shade - RASCFXL
Gear Up Folding 150 x 80 Silver Car Sun Shade - GUASSVL
Repco Folding 140 x 70 Carbon Fibre Car Sun Shade - RASCFM
Gearup Rear Mesh Car Sun Shade - GUTWSRR
Gear Up Side Contour Car Sun Shade - GUTWSSCT

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Gearup Folding 140 x 70 Purple Car Sun Shade - GUASPPM
Gearup Folding 130 x 60 Silver Car Sun Shade - GUASSVS
All Blacks Car Sun Shade - ABSS419
Gearup Front Twist Car Sun Shade - GUTWSFR
Repco Folding 'Bangin' Body Panel Works' Car Sun Shade
Repco Folding  'Pretty Hot and Tempting' Car Sun Shade
Repco Folding 'How to Pick up Chicks' Car Sun Shade
Who-Rae Extra Large Curved Side Car Sun Shade - 0600602
Repco Folding 'Do Not Read the Next Sentence' Car Sun Shade
Gearup Folding 140 x 70 Laser Car Sun Shade - GUASLSM
Gear Up Extra Large Curved Side Window Car Sun Shade
Who-Rae Large Rectangle Side Car Sun Shade - AA-SOX-LGE-RECT
Showing 1 - 19 of 41 products

Beat the heat and shop the biggest range of car sun shades at Repco

With a style to suit everyone we have the car sun shade to protect your vehicle interior

The Aussie sun is relentless and the glasshouse that is your car bears the brunt of these scorching temperatures. Don't be making a trip to the chemist for a tube of burn cream when Repco stocks a huge range of car shades from quality brands, including Gear Up, Sperling, RM Williams, and Caterpillar. Available in a multitude of styles, colours and configurations we have a car window shade just right for your vehicle.

Popular Questions Asked

What does a sunshade do?

Repco's range of quality car sun shades provides the heat and sunlight protection from your vehicle's interior. A car sun shade is a must have item when you trek off on your next summer adventure, ensuring the moment you step back into your car, it is a pleasant experience. Studies show effective sun shades drop your car's interior temperature by up to 17 degrees to help save undue stress on your vehicle's air conditioning when you need to cool down fast.

Are sunshades worth it?

Car sunshades are the way to go, ensuring you are protecting your vehicle and your family against the harsh sunlight.

For anyone with a newborn baby, an effective way to keep your baby safe from the sun's glare and UV rays is to purchase a window sunshade. When purchasing car sunshades, always ensure a perfect fit if possible to minimise sun exposure. The material in your vehicle's interior is also susceptible to long-term sun exposure damage.

Protect your carpet, plastic trims and other interior details from fading with the best shades, easy installation and added protection. Choose and shop our comprehensive range of sunshades by brand, as we have the colours, patterns and designs to suit any taste. There are so many options when choosing a sunshade with front, side and rear windows, we have a sunshade for you. When you are looking for the biggest brands and the best sellers, be sure to check out the stock at your nearest Repco store or online. Designed to deal with the harshest of weather, we offer the best price across the range, so for a low cost to stay sun protected, why would you shop anywhere else?

How long do sunshades last?

Rule of thumb car sunshades should last 5 years or more. However, this can vary from car to car, how often you use your sunshade and if you look after your sunshade. If your sunshade comes brittle and starts falling apart, you may wish to get a replacement. Your sunshade will still work, however, it may not be as effective and have to clean your car after using it due to it being brittle.

Repco's range of car window sunshades

Not only can you protect your cars with a car sun shade, Repco sells a large stylish range of interior protection products for your car. Search through our range of wheel covers, dash mats, car mats, perfect fit car seat covers and car covers for storing your car in the garage.

Don't miss out on exclusive discounts and deals, upgrade or install car sunshades today. Shop our full range in-store or online using our click and collect or click and delivery service across Australia and New Zealand.

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