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Sway Bars & Links

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Kelpro Sway Bar Link Assembly - 22770
SAS Sway Bar Link - L850
Kelpro Sway Bar Link Assembly - 22773
Kelpro Sway Bar Link Kit - 22708
Kelpro Sway Bar Mount Bush - 23513
Nolathane Front Sway Bar Link - 42759
Nolathane Sway Bar Mount Bushing Kit (14mm) - 42914G
SAS Sway Bar Link - LR70
SAS Sway Bar Link - LR300
TRW Sway Bar Link - JTS7556
Nolathane Sway Bar Link Bushing Kit - 42361
Kelpro Sway Bar Link Assembly - 23622
Kelpro Sway Bar Mount Bush - 22870
Kelpro Sway Bar Mount Bush - 23505
SAS Sway Bar Link - LR200
SAS Sway Bar Link - L902
SAS Sway Bar Link - LR60
TRW Sway Bar Link - JTS405
Kelpro Sway Bar Mount Bush - 22925
SAS Sway Bar Link - LR360
Showing 1 - 20 of 922 products

Sway Bars and Links

Sway bars and their links control body roll when cornering. A sway bar is a tubular metal rod of spring steel that is designed to twist. It is usually mounted to the vehicle body using D bushes. The sway bar links are on each end of this rod and connected to the left and right hand suspension arms. As a car turns into a corner and the body leans the bar twists and fights the body roll.

Sway bars have different thicknesses and are rated in 'hard' and 'soft' A harder bar restricts body roll (Stiffer, greater twist resistance) where a softer bar allows more body roll. (Softer, less twist resistance.) Adjustable sway bars will allow the links to be moved to make the sway bar stiffer or softer. Sway bars play an important role in suspension tuning.

Popular Questions Asked

How do I know if my Sway Bar or Links are worn out?

It is extremely rare for a sway bar to fail. The issue is normally worn D bushes (shaped like a capital D), link bushes or in some cases a broken link. You will get the usually squeak, rattle or clunk noise if a bush has failed. If a link has failed the handling will feel strange as well as a lot more noise from the broken end.

Are Sway Bar Bushes or Links easy to replace?

The D bushes are easily replaced using hand tools. Some sway bar links allow the bushes to be replaced, some come as a complete assembly. You may need a press to do some sway bar link bushes. In most cases hand tools will do the job.

How much does it cost to replace Sway Bar Links or Bushes?

Bushes and links for sway bars are cheap. Approximately - bushes under $65 and complete links under $200 for a pair. Labour $100 -$200.

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