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Temperature Sensors

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Tridon Coolant Temperature Sensor - TTS036
Fuelmiser Temperature Sender - CTS120
Fuelmiser Coolant Temperature Sensor - CCS26
Fuelmiser Temperature Sender - CTS147
Tridon Coolant Temperature Sensor - TTS006
Fuelmiser Coolant Temperature Sensor - CCS56
Fuelmiser Coolant Temperature Sensor - CCS40

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Tridon Coolant Temperature Sensor - TTS049
Tridon Coolant Temperature Sensor - TTS034
Fuelmiser Coolant Temperature Sensor - CCS44
Tridon Coolant Temperature Sensor - TTS051
Fuelmiser Coolant Temperature Sensor - CCS117
Tridon Coolant Temperature Sensor - TTS032
Fuelmiser Coolant Temperature Sensor - CCS80
Tridon Coolant Temperature Sensor - TCS109
Goss Coolant Temperature Sensor - CS925
Goss Coolant Temperature Sensor - CS932
Tridon Coolant Temperature Sensor - TCS158
Tridon Coolant Temperature Sensor - TTS017
Showing 1 - 19 of 252 products

Keep everything off the boil with the right coolant temperature sensor from Repco

The temperature of any number of vehicle components and systems can be the difference between a breakdown or trouble free motoring. Trust Repco to stock not just the best in coolant temperature sensors but also air temperature sensors and oil temperature sensors to accurately monitor the vital signs of your vehicle.

Popular Questions Asked

What does an engine coolant temperature sensor do?

Whilst just one of the many sensors on your vehicle, having a correctly functioning engine coolant temperature sensor is integral to the effective running of your vehicle. The coolant sensor is usually mounted near the thermostat housing and in close proximity to the cylinder head to provide accurate coolant temperature information to the ignition control module. The output voltage from the temp sensor provides the ecu with data to enable fuel injection and ignition timing to work effectively for correct air and fuel ratios.

The coolant temperature sensors on your vehicle also provide temperature data to the engine control unit to ensure the engine stays within the optimum operating temperature. When outside this range it acts in tandem with other systems to decrease the engine temperature.

Signs of a faulty coolant temperature sensor

There are a number of indicators to possibly advise of a faulty sensor or malfunctioning engine coolant temperature sensor such as -

  • The check engine light being displayed.
  • The operating temperature is outside of the temperature gauge optimum range.
  • The electric cooling fan or fans do not engage to regulate the coolant temperature.
  • Poor engine performance caused by incorrect air fuel ratios.
  • Engine overheating

How to diagnose a faulty coolant temperature sensor

The best place to start is with a reputable OBD2 scan tool to assess where the problems lie. Being able to access the trouble codes from the onboard computer will allow you check the location of the sensor and also the particular reading that has been logged.

The advantage of using a scan tool is that you can quickly and accurately diagnose and replace the correct sensor. Replacing incorrect sensors when not faulty can be expensive and unnecessary so it pays to use a scan tool prior to undertaking any further work.

When accurately diagnosed come into Repco to find the right temperature sensor for your vehicle. With most having the ability to be changed relatively easily a replacement temperature sensor can regain lost fuel economy optimise engine performance.

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