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Nextbase Dash Cam 522GW 1440P - 245606
Hurry Sale Ends - 14/12/2021
Nextbase Dash Cam 322GW 1080P - 245604
Hurry Sale Ends - 14/12/2021
XView Barrel Dash Cam Full HD 1080P Wi-Fi - XV20DVR
Hurry Sale Ends - 14/12/2021
XView Dash Cam Full HD 1080P 2 inch - XV10DVR
Hurry Sale Ends - 14/12/2021
Gator Super HD 1296 Dash Cam with 16GB Card
Hurry Sale Ends - 14/12/2021
XView Barrel Dash Cam 2 piece Front and Rear Full HD 1080p - XV22DVR
XView 4K Ultra HD Dash Cam 3 inch WI-FI - XV4KDVR
Nextbase Dash Cam  422GW 1440P - 245605
Uniden 4k Smart Dash Cam With 2.4 Inch LCD Colour Screen with GPS - IGOCAM80
Nextbase Dash Cam 222 1080P - 245603
Powertrain 1080P Dash Camera With Gps Tracking - DVR1080GPSC2
XVIEW 1080P Dash Camera and AERPRO Bluetooth FM Transmitter Value Pack - XV10FMBT
Nextbase Cabin View Camera - 245608
Nextbase Rear View Camera - 245609
Nextbase Rear Window Camera - 245607
Powertrain Drive Video Recorder 2.5in Display 4GB Storage - DVRVGAC-1
Nextbase Series 2 32GB Go Pack - 245616
Nextbase Hardwire Kit - 245611
XView Hard Wire Kit with USB connection - XVHWC
Gator Full HD 1080P Dash Cam With Rear View Cam
Showing 1 - 20 of 34 products

Shop the best range of dash cams and dash camera accessories at your local Repco store

The popularity of dash cam footage television shows and online footage from dash cams on YouTube give you some perspective on the dramas that happen on the road and in cars. Equip your vehicle with the right dash camera and have the safety and security that these units provide. With the price of top quality dash cams now within reach of everyone, you can trust your local Repco store to provide the hottest deals on the latest models.

Whether extra security against potential collisions, traffic dramas, carpark damage or even to capture some dash cam footage of your next road-trip, equipping your car with a dash cam is a worthwhile investment.

With some of the best brands on the market including BlackVue, Nextbase and XView we offer a range of dash cameras ranging from the cost-effective basic dash camera solutions all the way up to 4K Ultra HD Twin Channel dash cams that provide forward facing and rear dash cameras. No matter what the brand, we understand that when it comes to providing peace of mind on the road you need a reliable dash camera with the tools to record videos in any events.

Using GPS co-ordinates and being able to measure speed are some of the features in our range of dash cams whilst having night capabilities also ensures you don't miss out on any event after dark. The storage capacity of your dash cam is also important as is the ability to easily connect your dash cam to existing wiring or your mobile device. Some dash camera models also now have wireless loading from dash cam to your mobile phone. All these features provide you the functionality to drive with ease.

Dash cams can be set to record as soon as the key is in the ignition, recording everything unfolding in front of you. Providing clear footage enables you to record everything from license plates, vehicle details, street signs, road features and even audio in the event that a verbal interaction ensues. Dash cams can also be set to record in car parks when the vehicle is switched off to record all of the above important details if someone reverses into you or a sends a shopping trolley careering into your door. If they don't leave a note, you can rely on your dash cam to serve justice for your pride and joy!

Most dash cams are also equipped with photo mode, allowing you to switch from capturing video to still images with the touch of a button. This is particularly handy for documenting damage following a collision which is sometimes required by insurance companies in order to make the best claim possible, whilst also stopping fraudulent insurance claims aginst you.

When making your dash cam purchase, browse the Repco website or shop in store to view our whole range of dash cams and other in-car tech to get your car fully kitted out with all the best bells and whistles. Shop, order and pay online and select out click and collect function at your nearest Repco store, we can even provide delivery services to get it to you fast.

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