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Glow Plugs

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NGK Glow Plug - Y-729U
Bosch 11V Glow Plug - GPM-515
NGK Glow Plug - Y1002AS
Fuelmiser Glow Plug - FGP-113
NGK Glow Plug - Y-702U
NGK Glow Plug - Y-719RS1
NGK Glow Plug - Y-715R

Repco Petrol & Diesel Injector Cleaner

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NGK Glow Plug - Y-605J
NGK Glow Plug - Y-519J
Tridon Glow Plug 11.0V - TGP038
NGK Glow Plug - Y1012J
Bosch Glow Plug - 0250201039
Tridon Glow Plug 11.0V - TGP100
Tridon Glow Plug 11.0V - TGP060
NGK Glow Plug - Y-534J
NGK Glow Plug - Y-157R
NGK Glow Plug - CZ104
Bosch Glow Plug 24V - GPN-328
NGK Glow Plug - Y1007J
Showing 1 - 19 of 335 products

The best diesel glow plugs for your vehicle

If you're in need of new glow plugs for your diesel engine, look no further than Repco. With an extensive range of glow plugs available online and throughout our stores, you can always find exactly what you're looking for when you shop with us. Stock the best when it comes to the brands from NGK, Bosch, Fuelmiser, Venmo, and Swag you can rely on Repco and our range.

Popular Questions Asked

What does a glow plug do?

A glow plug is not applicable in all cars, in fact, if you drive a petrol car, you may have never come across a glow plug. Glow plugs are only used in diesel vehicles, however, they are similar to spark plugs. Instead of creating a spark for the ignition, they are responsible for heating the air within the engine to assist with the ignition process.

Different to petrol engines as they require a spark to ignite the fuel. Whereas a diesel engine will auto-ignite due to temperatures created by vastly higher cylinder pressures compared to that of a petrol engine. When an engine is being started up for the first time or during the colder months of the year, it can take longer for the cylinder to get the required temperatures to therefore ignite the fuel. This is where the glow plug comes into tuition in that it pre-heats the cylinder to allow combustion to happen straight away. Diesel cars are sensitive, therefore, in order for the car to start, the heating element has to take place for the combustion process to occur.

What are the symptoms of a faulty glow plugs?

If your glow plugs are on their way out or no longer work, it can result in a number of issues. If you notice any of the below symptoms, you can check the health of your glow plugs by using a multimeter and testing the resistance.

  • White Smoke - white smoke will occur when there is insufficient heat within the engine to burn the diesel fuel. This will occur when you start up your vehicle, you may notice a big puff of white smoke coming out of the exhaust. This is an indication that one or more of your glow plugs are not functioning correctly. Other issues within your engine can cause white smoke, however, if you test the glow plugs using a multimeter, you will soon find out if it is the glow plugs or something else causing the issue.
  • Hard to start your engine - in the cold weather, if you are struggling to get your car started, this is an indication that the glow plugs are not working correctly, which means the combustion chamber cannot reach the right temperatures to start the engine.
  • Check engine light - the check engine light will appear on the dash of your car. If you notice this, this is an indication that something is not working or functioning properly within your engine. If you notice this check engine light, as well as some of the other symptoms, this could mean your glow-ups need changing. However, a check engine light can also appear if there are other issues within your engine.
  • Vehicle's fuel efficiency - another issue that can be caused by a bad glow plug is your fuel efficiency will not be as effective.

Will a diesel start without glow plugs?

Your vehicle will start without a glow plug, however, this will depend on the current temperature. As mentioned above, your diesel glow plug is designed to assist in starting up your vehicle, if it is particularly cold, your vehicle may not start without them. If you notice any of the below symptoms, it is best to get a replacement plug to ensure your diesel car starts every time.

Diesel engines need quality glow plugs from Repco

If a glow plug solves your issue get into Repco today to find the right replacement glow plug for your vehicle under the one roof. Not only do we offer an impressive range of glow plugs, including ceramic glow plugs, but also competitively priced automotive parts that don't require you to spend a fortune when repairing or upgrading your vehicle.

When you shop for diesel glow plugs with Repco, you can have peace of mind knowing you're getting the very best quality parts. After so many years in the industry, we know which brands offer long-lasting, unparalleled solutions. Our glow plugs range is manufactured to meet and exceed the OEM specification and guidelines.

  • Engineered for premium cold-star performance.
  • Increased service life by 100% with high-grade glow tube material, which provides efficient corrosion protection.
  • Optimum starting capabilities and excellent post-glow function.
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