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Electrical Connectors & Crimp Terminals

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Repco Electrical Terminal Kit 182 Pieces - RETK2
Narva Q.C Connector 4 Pole 1 Kit - 56274BL
Narva Crimp Terminal Ring Blue Insulated 8.4mm  - 14 Pce - 56082BL
Mechpro Electrical Terminal Kit 192 Pieces - MPEAK1
Narva Q.C Connector 2 Pole 1 Kit - 56272BL
Narva Crimp Terminal Ring Yellow Insulated 13mm - 12 Pce - 56093BL
Narva Heavy Duty Plug 2 Pole 50A 1 Pce - 57200
Britax In Line Connector 2 Pole 1 Kit - B62-A
Narva Q.C Connector Assortment Kit - 56250
OEX Crimp Terminal Pin Red Diameter 2mm  25 Pce - ACX3070
OEX Crimp Terminal Ring Blue ID 5mm Vinyl 100 Pce - ACX3054
Hella Super Seal Plug 5 Pole (2 Pack) - 4985P
OEX Cover Suits Heavy Duty Connector 50A ( 1 Pack = 1 Piece) - ACX2768
Hella QC Connector 6 Pole 1 Kit - 4995
Narva Super seal Connector 2 Pole 1 Kit - 56292
Narva Super seal Plug 1 Pole 50 Pce - 57537
Showing 1 - 20 of 483 products

Get connected with our range of Electrical Connectors & Crimp Terminals

Shop Electrical Connectors & Crimp Terminals

When working on your car wiring you need to ensure you have all the right tools and accessories for the job making it easier and give you a quality finish. This includes the right electrical connectors and crimp terminals to get a secure connection the first time. At Repco we have some awesome brands including Narva, OEX, Projecta & Deutch

What do Electrical Connectors & Crimp Terminals Do?

Electrical Connectors & Crimp Terminals are the metal connectors that are on the end of an electrical cable. They provide the connection from the cable to an electrical component or can be used to terminate the cable or join one cable to another. They are usually made of metal, have plastic insulation and are soldered, screwed or crimped onto a cable.

Why do I need an Electrical Connector or Crimp Terminal ?

You will need one of these types of connector when doing any automotive wiring. If upgrading a car stereo, adding driving lights or putting in a trailer plug, you will use an electrical connector or crimp terminal. Some products will already have them on the end of the cables to make things quicker and easy. You may also need them when performing maintenance work on automotive wiring and you have one that is badly corroded and needs replacing.

The Crimp Connector

Crimp connectors are the most commonly used terminal as they are quick and easy to do. Once you have selected the right connector you place it on the end of the cable and use a crimp tool to create a wire 'crimp' on the cable. The crimp tool bends the metal connector and tightens it securely on the cable. Some tools do it in a single crimp others take two crimps.

It is important to use the correct crimping tool and make sure the connector matches the size or gauge of the cable you are using. If the connector is to large for the cable it will be to loose, if to small it won't bend around it properly and can loosen up with time. Loose connectors are a common problem with automotive wiring and can be difficult to diagnose.

Different Crimp Connectors (Wire Crimps) and Terminals

Repco stock the Narva range of crimp connectors which are covered in different coloured insulation material (red, yellow and blue) to easily identify the wire sizes that fit the connector. There are a wide variety of different insulated terminals to suit your job including male and female blade and male and female bullet. Spade and ring terminal work well under the head of a screw or bolt. Crimp barrels are good for joining cables. Use the correct crimping tool so the connector is crimped properly and will grip the cable tightly and not pull off.

There is also a range of connector body kits housing a cross section of different connectors and pins in varying sizes.

Other Types of Connectors

Always make sure the components you use are a suitable match for the amperage or current flow of the circuit. When fitting parts like driving lights and connections that are going to be exposed to the elements consider using a Deutsch plug or a Narva Super Seal connector to keep water and dust out of electrical systems. If you are running auxiliary power to your trailer or camper trailer or an electronic brake system then an Anderson Plug is a great option and will accommodate the current you need to run the auxiliary circuits.

If you are not using an insulation crimp connector you can use heat shrink tubing to electrically insulate the connector and stop the metal part making contact with something it shouldn't. Always remember to slide on the desired length of heat shrink onto the wire prior to connecting or crimping the terminal or adding the electrical connector. When using heat shrink it is also recommended to use a heat gun to ensure you get an even retraction of the heat shrink.

Test your Connector

Use the appropriate electrical tools to allow you to test the wiring prior to or once connected to power. This ensures it is working correctly and all the connections are good. Tools like pliers, angle cutters, multi-meters or test lamps are good tools to have. They allow you to diagnose faults and locate live wires. You can test your crimped connectors to see if they are a good conductor and highlight any problems.

Our Range of Electrical Connectors & Crimp Terminals

Visit Repco online or in store to see our range of electrical connectors and crimp terminals, crimping tools, copper cable and soldering equipment. With around 400 stores there should be one not that far away from you so visit the website to find your nearest store.

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