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Work Gloves

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KOMODO Cut 1 Safety Gloves 1 Pair Medium
KOMODO Mechanics Gloves 1 Pair Medium
KOMODO Cut 1 Safety Gloves 1 Pair Small
KOMODO Cut 1 Safety Gloves 1 Pair Large
KOMODO Cut 1 Safety Gloves 1 Pair Extra Large
Milwaukee Free-Flex Work Gloves - M - 48228711
Milwaukee Free-Flex Work Gloves - XL - 48228713

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Milwaukee Cut Level 1 Gloves - L - 48228902
Milwaukee Free-Flex Work Gloves - L - 48228712
Milwaukee Performance Gloves - M - 48228721
Milwaukee Performance Gloves - XXL - 48228724
Milwaukee Performance Gloves - XL - 48228723
Safecorp Mechanic Leather Gloves Large - SCP4065
Milwaukee Performance Gloves - S - 48228725
KOMODO Mechanics Gloves 1 Pair X Large
KOMODO Vigilant Cut 5 Touch Screen Gloves 1 Pair Large
Milwaukee Free-Flex Work Gloves - XXL - 48228714
Milwaukee Free-Flex Work Gloves - S - 48228715
Milwaukee Performance Gloves - L - 48228722
Showing 1 - 19 of 48 products

Protect The Tools Of Your Trade With Quality Work Gloves From Repco

Shop Work Gloves Today With Repco

Spending money on quality tools makes sense for ease of use and long-term reliability. The same can be said for your hands and protecting them from the elements as you work. Buying a sturdy pair of mechanics gloves protect you from scratches, cuts and injury to keep your hands ready for work in any conditions. Constructed of hard-wearing materials and cushioned for user comfort, a decent pair of work gloves should be the first thing you reach for when setting foot in the garage. Stocking the most trusted brands in hand protection from Komodo, Mechanix, Milwaukee, Blueheat.

What is hand protection?

Hand protection is designed to reduce the risks of your hands being injured when working with hazardous chemicals, material handling, and other contaminations. When working on a customer's car, doing household chores, or doing gardening work, you should assess the risk at present and choose the right hand protection. Don't just accept the risk at hand, act accordingly protect your hands with work gloves. Not only can work gloves protect your hands it also provides convenience when working on a motor vehicle, with no more oil, grease or dirt left on your hands after working on your car.

Car Services Done Right With Hand Protection

How many times have you been working on your car or protect to be stopped in your tracks but an errant piece of metal or sharp edge hitting your skin and drawing blood. Not only is it messy and inconvenient as you stop and look for a band-aid, but the time it takes to heal makes it an annoyance you'd rather not have. Here is where the simplicity and practicality of good work gloves come into the picture to not only protect your hands but limit fatigue using tools and implements as you work away.

Many of the mechanics gloves on the market today provide both excellent protection and high dexterity to enable you to grasp that nut or bolt down the back of the engine bay when covered in grease and oil. The added upside is that once you have finished working, you can whip the gloves off to reveal clean hands and be ready for a night on the town without spending hours getting rid of dirt under your fingernails. Definitely, a win when you can stay away from harsh soaps and cleaners that dry and crack your hands over time.

Our Range of Hand Protection Gloves

Here at Repco, we strive to provide you with the best protection, get in-store today to get the right hand protection at the right price. Keep up to date with our latest sales, pricing, new launches with our Repco website. Now, with our click and collect and home delivery options across Australia and New Zealand, we can get these to you sooner and with a minimum of hassle.

If you need further information about purchasing a pair of gloves, contact your local Repco stores, and they will assist in answering any questions you may have. No matter if you are a trade account holder or a retail customer, get the right pair of work gloves and glove clips to ensure optimum protection.

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