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Maf Sensors

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Fuelmiser MAF Sensor - CAF001
Fuelmiser MAF Sensor - CAF032
Genuine OEM Air Mass Meter - Insert - AM75BOSN
Fuelmiser MAF Sensor - CAF086
Tridon MAF Sensor - TAF007
Genuine OEM Air Mass Meter - Insert - AMTL01N
Genuine OEM Air Mass Meter - Insert - AM70M40N

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Genuine OEM Air Mass Meter - New OE - AM3720N
Fuelmiser MAF Sensor - CAF157
Genuine OEM Air Mass Meter - AM60M39GEN
Fuelmiser MAF Sensor - CAF030G
Tridon MAF Sensor - TAF062
Fuelmiser MAF Sensor - CAF081
Genuine OEM Air Mass Meter - Insert - AMAA301N
Genuine OEM Air Mass Meter - New OE - AM97011N
Fuelmiser MAF Sensor - CAF033
Genuine OEM Air Mass Meter - New OE - AM8175GEN
Genuine OEM Air Mass Meter - New OE - AM7501N
Fuelmiser MAF Sensor - CAF025
Showing 1 - 19 of 273 products

Repco's MAF sensor range gives your car the best performance and fuel economy

Popular Questions Asked

What does a MAF sensor do?

Located between the air filter and the intake manifold on your vehicle, your mass air flow sensor sends information regarding the intake air flow to the engine computer to determine how much fuel is required for the optimum air fuel ratio. Measuring the air flows entering the engine ensures neither too little or too much fuel is provided to the fuel injectors which in turn creates optimum fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Symptoms of a bad mass air flow sensor

One of the most immediate warning is the check engine light illuminating. Whilst this can be traced to a number of causes when related to mass air flow sensors you may also notice worse fuel efficiency, rough idle and possible engine stalling. When excess black smoke exits the tailpipe worse fuel efficiency occurs indicating the engine running rich whilst too little fuel may produce increased engine temperatures.

How do you check your MAF sensors

Modern vehicles have what is known as a hot wire maf sensor and this hot wire is used as the signal to the engine control module. A temperature sensor near the hot wire is used to measure intake air temperature and as the engine load increases the air flow running over this wire cools. Increased electrical current is required for the heated wire and this additional load subsequently sends more fuel to the fuel injection system to provide the correct air fuel mixture.

Whilst designed for the life of the vehicle or engine over time you may encounter a faulty maf sensor due to age, excessive heat or operating conditions or even just from a dirty air filter. One of the easiest ways to check if you have a bad maf sensor is to run the engine and disconnect the plug attached to the mass airflow sensor. If the engine continues to run when disconnected this would indicate maf sensor problems.

It always pays to use a scan tool in situations such as this, as replacing sensors when not faulty can be expensive and unnecessary. There are also specialist mass air flow sensor cleaners that can be used and these may rectify faulty readings once cleaned.

When accurately diagnosed and if unable to be cleaned come into Repco to find the right maf sensor for your vehicle. With the ability to be changed relatively easily a replacement mass air flow sensor can regain lost fuel economy and engine performance.

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