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Fuel Filters

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Ryco In Tank Fuel Filter - Z923
Ryco Fuel Filter - Z615
Ryco Fuel Filter - Z654
Ryco Cartridge Fuel Filter - R2656P
Ryco Fuel Filter - Z1000
Ryco Cartridge Fuel Filter - R2619P
Repco Fuel Filter - RPF1415

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Repco Fuel Filter - RFF-4
Ryco Cartridge Fuel Filter - R2132P
Ryco Spin On Fuel Filter - Z332
Ryco Fuel Filter - R2724P
Ryco Fuel Filter - Z644
Ryco Fuel Filter - Z959
Ryco Fuel Filter - Z975
Ryco Fuel Filter - Z699
Ryco Spin On Fuel Filter - Z252X
Ryco Fuel Filter - Z658
Fuelmiser Fuel Filter - FI-0127
Ryco Fuel Filter - R2132UA
Showing 1 - 19 of 869 products

Fuelling your passion for cars, Repco has the right fuel filter for your vehicle

A clean supply of fuel to your engine is the first step in unleashing the power and performance of your vehicle. Whether it is an in-tank fuel filter or an inline fuel filter, our range ensures we have your vehicle's fuel filter to suit. Tested and benchmarked against OEM specifications, you can rely on the flow, filtration, and construction of the hundreds of fuel filters we stock at Repco.

Popular Questions Asked

What does a fuel filter do?

All fuel, no matter how refined, contains contaminants. Ranging from traces of dirt, rust, wax, hard particles, and sediment from your fuel tank, these all contribute to blocked fuel injectors, hard starting and general build-up in the combustion chamber and fuel lines. A fuel filter will remove these as well as moisture in your vehicle's fuel system.

Why do I need to replace my fuel filter?

Replacing a clogged fuel filter at the necessary service interval is vital to maintaining that clean, contaminant-free supply of fuel that gives you greater fuel efficiency, smooth acceleration, and power from your vehicle.

By having your fuel filter replaced, you also limit the chance of damage to your fuel system. Issues such as a fuel pump fuse blowing caused by excess fuel pressure on the fuel pump is just one of the many issues if left unchecked.

Scheduled servicing of your fuel filter will be found in the owner's manual for your vehicle. This element of car service can be undertaken yourself, provided you have the right tools to clamp the fuel line and remove the fuel line clips.

Most fuel filters are housed between the fuel pump and the fuel injectors or carburettor and are usually located on a chassis rail or underbody housing.

What are the signs your fuel filter needs replacing?

A fuel filter is an important part of your fuel system in that it filters out dirt and contaminants, as explained above. This is important to have functioning correctly, if you notice any of the below symptoms, get into your local store to find a replacement fuel filter for your vehicle.

  • Having issues starting your car
  • Rough idling or misfiring
  • Stalling your engine
  • Check engine light appears on your dash
  • Fuel pump damage a bad fuel filter can cause stress on your fuel pump, which can cause damage.

Keep your fuel system flowing with our range of quality fuel filters

Designed to meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications, our range of quality filters from such brands as Ryco, Donaldson and Repco give you the efficient flow and longer life to protect against clogging and improve fuel economy. By fitting a quality fuel filter, you will be protecting the life of your engine and fuel pump so as to remove contamination and particles that cause wear and damage.

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