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Chamois & Drying Towels

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Bowden's Own The Big Green Sucker Drying Towel - BOSUCKER
Bowden's Own Little Ripper Chamois - BOC
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Eclipse Leather Chamois 114 x 114cm
Chemical Guys Speed Mammoth Ultimate Drying Towel - MIC530
Eclipse Hydro Chamois Small
Meguiar's Supreme Shine Mega Detailing Duo Towel - AX2500
Schaumer Kwik Dry Towel 150cm x 75cm - BT3010

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Eclipse Hydro Chamois Small
Gear Up Synthetic Chamois - GUSCH
Meguiar's Supreme Shine Mega Drying Towel - AX1500
Eclipse Hydro Chamois Large
Eclipse Leather Chamois 68 x 68cm
Eclipse Leather Chamois 114 x 114cm
Car Cube Ultraglide Chamois 3pk - CC002504
Mothers Micro Dry Chamois - 9206
Eclipse Premium Microfibre Chamois 50 x 75cm
Eclipse Quick Dry Chamois 80 x 35cms
Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products

Whether a passionate car enthusiast or occasional car washer a quality chamois or drying towel is a car cleaning essential

Large or compact, microfibre or chamois leather, we have the right gear to leave your car spotless

Don't leave your car cleaning regime half done when the quick and effective removal of left over water is easily handled by a chamois or microfibre drying towel. Designed to stop water spots and eliminate leftover dirty marks, our range of chamois and drying towels from Bowden's Own, Meguiars, Armor All and Eclipse give you a clean finish every time.

What to look for when purchasing a Chamois or Microfibre Drying Towel

This decision can be based purely based on personal preference and whether you are looking to replace what you already have or buy your first one. Each do the job of removing water effectively yet each has their pros and cons that may sway your decision.

Drying towels - A relatively recent development in car cleaning, a microfibre drying towel is designed with super thick microfibre to literally suck the water off the surface of your vehicle. Requiring minimum movement and maximises absorbency, the soft material minimizes scratches and swirl marks. Depending on size a drying towel can be quite unwieldy to handle when full of water so always look for a towel that is compact enough to easily maneuver. A down side of these towels are that they are usually not housed in a plastic waterproof container enabling you to stow in the boot or glovebox when wet. This is the upside of a synthetic chamois as these enable you to remove dirt or the dreaded bird droppings when out and about to limit damage to your sensitive paint.

Traditional chamois - made from natural leather or a synthetic composite, a chamois relies on the residual water from your wash to lubricate as you drag it across the surface of your vehicle. The less water the more likelihood of swirls marks as you dry. Due to them also being relatively thin they can become infused with dirt therefore will require rising in clean water to remove dirt particles. Chamois are also available in a range of different sizes which allows for personal preference on which size you prefer.

Still undecided on what drying towel or chamois would suit best?

As a certain girl in a certain advert said, "why not have both?". With the relatively cheap cost and the definite benefits of either product you can afford to buy one of each and utilise them where appropriate. Buy yourself a small synthetic chamois to store in your glovebox or boot to quickly wipe away road grime or bird droppings in a flash when out on the road. Then for a more comprehensive clean when giving a proper car wash you can switch to a large microfibre drying towel to handle that task. Using the microfibre towel at home enables you to easily hang out to dry when finished leaving a clean dry towel for next time.

Come into Repco for all your car detailing needs

When it comes to having the cleanest car on the block you should also check out our range of car wash, tyre care, glass and windscreen, car wash bucket, foaming gun, exterior trims and interior cleaning products.

At Repco, we are passionate about offering the best in car cleaning products and accessories from leading brands at the best prices.With over 400 stores across Australia and New Zealand, you'll be sure to find a retail outlet near you. Checkout faster using our click and collect and click and delivery services.

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