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Keep your ignition system in top shape with quality car ignition parts from Repco

From spark plugs to distributor caps and more we have it all

Today's high performance engines require modern ignition systems to carefully provide accurate spark timing to maximise the power and economy from your air fuel mixture. Shop at Repco to find the widest range of ignition parts to keep your vehicle running to its optimum performance.

Air, fuel and spark are the 3 components needed to generate power in the combustion chamber and the precise timing and accurate measurement of these is critical. Whether your automotive ignition system comprises old school ignition coil, distributor and distributor cap or you have modern electronic ignition systems that use ignition coils on spark plugs we can ensure you have the best parts for any ignition systems.

As with most components on a vehicle the ignition system has changed and adapted over time to utilise the technology of the era. Up until the advent of the modern electronic ignition system most vehicles relied on ignition timing to be governed by engine speed and spark to be distributed via breaker points and rotor button hidden under the distributor cap. This then transmitted the spark through spark plug wires to each individual spark plug. Just in case you were wondering why an ignition coil is called such it is due to the primary winding of wire within the coil that produce a magnetic field and generate the necessary battery current to fire the spark plugs.

With the ability of the engine computer to run a distributorless ignition this has done away with a primary coil and spark plug wires and now run ignition coil on spark plug configurations to supply the spark to the spark plugs.

Repco can supply a single spark plug through to whole ignition systems

From an ignition switch through to ignition coils, spark plugs and contact breaker points we have the right ignition components for your vehicle. Stocking over thousands of ignition parts we can ensure your vehicle runs smoothly coupled with the best fuel economy.

Whether a frugal four cylinder engine through to eight and six cylinder engines having the best in ignition parts ensures the best usage of the fuel air mixture going into your engine. Shop online or use our click and collect service to get the parts fast.

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