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Strut Braces

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Strut Braces

Strut braces or strut bars are something you should use if running your vehicle with MacPherson struts in some form of racing. Whether it is rallying, circuit racing, drifting or off-road racing as long as it involves cornering. It is not so important in drag racing as this is pure straight line speed.

When cornering the strut brace adds strength to the vehicle body by tying the top of the strut towers together with a metal bar. This stops the strut towers flexing apart or together under cornering loads or bumps.

Popular Questions Asked

How Does a Strut Bar improve handling?

Most cars are unitary body, which is sheet metal spot welded together. This can flex when under the high loads caused by motorsport. You want to stiffen the body so that the suspension does the work and it is not transferred into the body, bending and distorting it. The strut brace is one tool that you can use to help stop this.

Is a sway bar the same as a Strut Bar?

No, a sway bar is a part of the suspension that controls body roll when turning into a corner. It can be used to tune suspension on a vehicle. (eg harder or softer bars, adjustable bars) They can be found on front and rear suspension set ups. A strut brace is a simple body stiffener. Mainly used on the front suspension, it can also be used in the rear if you have struts.

Are Strut Braces easy to install?

They are if you buy one ready made to suit your vehicle. The biggest issue is most people that fit them may have already modified their cars. Under bonnet clearances can be tight and you may have to move things around to fit your strut brace. Brightly coloured or polished they are a nice piece of bling when you lift the bonnet to show off your engine bay.

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