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Wheel Hubs

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Drivetech 4X4 Gasket-Free Wheeling Hub - 008-013602
Repco Wheel Hub
Repco Wheel Hub
Kelpro (kelray) Wheel Bearing Hub - KHA4057
Repco Wheel Hub
Repco Wheel Hub
Kelpro (kelray) Wheel Bearing Hub - KHA4279

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Repco Wheel Hub
Repco Wheel Hub
Repco Wheel Hub
Repco Wheel hub - RWH7052
Repco Wheel Hub
Repco Wheel Hub
Repco Wheel Hub (AB6561)
Repco Wheel Hub
Repco Wheel hub - RWH7046
Repco Wheel Hub
Showing 1 - 19 of 427 products

A replacement wheel hub from Repco is your answer to smooth and safe driving

Don't just replace a wheel bearing when a full wheel hub assembly solves all issues

When it comes time to fit some replacement wheel bearings to your car, one option is to fit a replacement wheel hub assembly. Repco Replacement Wheel Bearing Hub kits contain all the necessary bearings, seals and hardware to replace your hub and bearings without the need for professional tools such as a workshop press. The keeps mess to a minimum and means that even a novice at-home DIYer can get the job done with just some basic hand tools

Our range of wheel hubs are a direct OE replacement and are built to strict OE specifications. For you, this means you will have a wheel hub that performs just as well if not better than the original, matches or outperforms the original part in terms or service life and will fit to the car with no nasty surprises and no drilling or modification required.

Wheel bearings are an important part of any wheel setup on all cars, trucks, utes, vans, motorcycles and even trailers. Wheel bearings allow your wheel to glide smoothly around the axle assembly as your wheel rotates, minimising friction with the axle and allowing your car to roll effortlessly down the road. Keeping on top of wheel bearing maintenance is essential in order to avoid costly breakdowns which can leave you stranded on the side of the road or even create hazards if they decide to throw in the towel as you're driving. Luckily, there are some tell-tale signs which indicate a bad wheel bearing. For a quick how-to on detecting wheel bearing failure, see the rough guide below.

Popular Questions Asked

How do I tell when my wheel hub and bearings need replacing?

  • Noises - a bad noise from your wheel bearing indicates it's time to fit a replacement. The types of noises to listen out for are groaning, grinding, grating or other metal-on-metal type sounds coming from the ball bearings. The noise will generally become more noticeable either with speed or steering input.
  • Loose steering - Any slack or play in the wheel bearing will transfer through the steering rack and ultimately to the steering wheel. If you notice excessive steering wheel play, 'loose' feeling or steering wheel vibration, it's time to check your bearings.
  • Steering pulling to the side - Slack in wheel bearings can also affect your wheel alignment as you drive and result in the car pulling to one side. This can be an intermittent characteristic, however sometimes is consistent.

Can you drive with broken wheel bearings or wheel hub?

ll these components of the wheel assembly are critical to the safe operation of your vehicle and if faulty can fail catastrophically. This may even mean the wheel hub and tyre may shear off from the axle so it pays to maintain close attention to any symptoms or signs heard as highlighted above.

How to check for worn wheel hubs and bearings

Now you might be wondering how do I check my wheel bearings on my vehicle? The best method to check suspect wheel bearings will require you to first jack up the car so the wheel is in the air. From here, place your hands on the wheel at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock (top and bottom of the tyre) checking for any play in the wheel vertically. It is important to check the wheel this way to eliminate a false reading from sloppy steering components on the front wheels.

To shop the best range of wheel hubs, wheel bearings and wheel studs browse the website using the REGO search tool or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

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