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Water Pumps

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GMB Water Pump OE Fit OE Performance 2 Year Warranty - GWMZ49A
GMB Water Pump OE Fit OE Performance 2 Year Warranty - GWT101A
GMB Water Pump OE Fit OE Performance 2 Year Warranty - GWF106AP

Little Trees Air Fresheners 1pk

Freshen up your vehicle interior with a classic Little Trees Car Air Freshener.

GMB Water Pump OE Fit OE Performance 2 Year Warranty - GWN89A
GMB Water Pump OE Fit OE Performance 2 Year Warranty - GWMZ58A
Proselect Water Pump - PSWP8147
GMB Water Pump OE Fit OE Performance 2 Year Warranty - GWSU21A
GMB Water Pump OE Fit OE Performance 2 Year Warranty - GWHO26A
GMB Water Pump OE Fit OE Performance 2 Year Warranty - GWG77A
Permaseal Water Pump Gasket - WP158
Showing 1 - 19 of 1170 products

Large Range Of Aftermarket Water Pumps For The Most Popular Cars

When it comes to your car and its overall performance, we understand the importance of a top-quality water pump. Bring you the latest technology regarding your water pumps, bearings, seals, and casting to ensure they are easy to fit, reliable functionality once on your engine. Here at Repco, we stock some of the finest brands of water pumps from Tru-Flow Pumps, GMB, Davies Craig, SKF and our own trusted brand Repco.

Popular Questions Asked

What does a car water pump do?

A water pump is a vital part of vehicles today in that it transfers water from the car's radiator moves the coolant through the motor and back through the radiator. This process is done to assist in ensuring your engine keeps a constant temperature for long and short trips in your vehicle, even on the hottest of the long summer drives.

What are the symptoms that your water pump needs replacing?

When the time comes to look for a replacement water pump, you may notice a number of symptoms or significant signs, including:

  • Your vehicle is overheating - you will notice this via the temperature gauge in your car will be higher than it usually is. This can be a sign the water pump is no longer working or is not working properly. Overheating can indicate that the water pump cannot transfer the water around the motor, causing it to overheat. Overheating your vehicle can run the risk of damaging your engine.
  • Coolant leaks or notice a decrease in the coolant level - another symptom that comes from the water pump, which indicates that your water pump needs replacing. There are several different reasons why this can happen, usually because the gaskets and seals have been worn out, cracked or broken. You will usually notice a puddle of water left on the ground from where you park your car, or over a period of time, you may notice a decrease in your coolant level.
  • Steam - this is a sign something underneath your bonnet is not performing correctly. When a water pump no longer works, the coolant can no longer pump around the engine, causing the engine to overheat. If you see steam coming out of the bonnet, you should pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. Signs of overheating or steam can cause great damage to the car if you continue to drive with these symptoms.
  • Noise - when driving, another symptom you may notice is a high-pitched or whining noise that is prominent when using the accelerator. This can be caused by the belt being loose on the pulley, which will need tightening or replacement. The noise could also indicate that the water pump is on its last legs and would be worthwhile checking it.

If you have any of the above signs, don't waste time, get into your local store today to find a replacement water pump and water pump gasket for your vehicle.

How much does it cost to replace a water pump?

Water pumps can vary in price depending on your vehicle's make and model and if you're getting an electric water pump or just a standard replacement. Due to the varied price get in contact with your local store and they will be able to provide you with a price.

To maximise the longevity of your cooling system, we recommend replacing the radiator hoses, clamps, and coolant at the time. Whilst you are buried deep in the engine bay with your hand tools, you may also like to replace your timing belt as both components are close together.

Stop At Repco For A High-Quality Water Pump

Here at Repco, we understand the importance of top-quality products for your vehicle. Our water pump range is manufactured to meet and exceed the OEM specifications and guidelines. Making the job as easy as possible for you by guaranteeing the correct fit and function, which won't let you down.

Our value-oriented water pumps are the cheapest and easiest to replace, however, it pays to invest that little extra. This ensures that your engine is getting the best water flow to enhance its performance of the engine and ensure your engine won't underperform or overheat.

Providing you with a stress and pressure-free experience with quality water pumps with:

  • High-quality precision bearings used throughout the water pump
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Induction hardened bearing shafts, heat treated using electrical current for more consistent hardening and increased strength
  • Sintered graphite used for stationary face seal offering superior lubrication and corrosion resistance to traditional style seals

Stocking not just quality water pump we also have the most comprehensive range of car parts to keep your car serviced and on the road. Find the right pump with Repco today, with excellent stock availability and a huge range at the best price.

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