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Bluetooth FM Transmitters

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Aerpro Bluetooth FM Transmitter with QC3.0 Quick Charge USB - APBT210
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Save $44
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Aerpro 4 Channel FM Transmitter - AMPFMT35
Aerpro FM Transmitter - FMT225
Automedia Bluetooth FM Transmitter - AMBTFM - AMBTFM
Automedia USB FM Transmitter 3.5mm Auxilary In - AMTC - AMTC

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products

Bluetooth FM Transmitter

If your vehicle is fitted with an FM radio and an old cigarette lighter now used as a power source for accessories, we have the tool to run your smartphone through your radio. A Bluetooth FM Transmitter for car or 4x4 made by Aerpro is the device you need. They are small enough to hold in your hand and provided your power source is working, no cables are required. They are a device that connects your smartphone to your FM radio via bluetooth.

How does it connect a smartphone to the FM Radio?

Connecting the device to the Radio

Find an FM frequency that is not used by a radio station. Simply scroll through and when you hear nothing but static you can use that frequency. Tune in the same frequency on the FM Transmitter. You now should have a connection from the Transmitter to the radio.

Connecting the device to a Smartphone

Using the mobile phones bluetooth, look for the FM Transmitter. Once you find it you should be able to connect. In some cases the phone may be bluetooth connected to another device. You may need to reset the bluetooth so it picks up the FM Transmitter. Once connected you now have a connection through to the radio.

Once done place a test call to listen and check volume levels.

Other Features

Besides connecting your smartphone for making calls, it can do:

Phone Charging - There are normally some USB ports that can be used for charging a smartphone. They include quick charging.

Music Playback - You can use a USB port to plug in devices for music playback

Audio Streaming - Audio streaming via bluetooth.

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