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From an alternator to an oxygen sensor Repco have the best in quality electrical components

Gone are the days of a few simple wires and an ignition coil to get your vehicle up and running. Modern cars today run sensors, an engine control module and a whole host of electronic systems to not just run your vehicle but optimise fuel economy and ensure your vehicle's engine is running at peak performance.

Repco understand this and provide the widest range of oxygen sensors, alternators, starter motors and other critical sensors to fit a large range of modern vehicles. Don't be at the mercy of driveability problems such as a rough idle, increased fuel consumption or misfiring spark plugs when our extensive range can provide the critical component or solution you need.

Popular Questions Asked

Why does an internal combustion engine need so many sensors?

Whilst fuel, air and spark are the 3 vital ingredients in getting an engine to run, the careful measurement, synchronicity and monitoring of these 3 elements are even more important. Sensors that monitor air fuel ratio, fuel mixture, exhaust gas and ignition all contribute to an engine running to its optimum potential and when an oxygen sensor fails or similar you can be stuck when you least expect it.

Can I ignore the check engine light on the dash?

Buried in the engine bay of your vehicle the sensor output of these vital components advises the engine computer of a whole host of data and information. Air flow, battery voltage, unburned oxygen or exhaust gases are just some of the functions monitored and the ecu adjusts or advises to tell of any issues. From there the first sign of trouble is the warning light on the dash.

Whether it's issues with your charging system, incorrect monitoring of air flows in the intake manifold or a bad oxygen sensor, these and many more problems are first signified by the constant illumination of this light when you turn the ignition switch. As further issues will occur it is never wise to ignore your check engine light.

How to check faulty oxygen sensors or other electrical systems on your vehicle?

Once the check engine light is on your first step is to arm yourself with a reputable scan tool or OBD2 scanner to gain the error details from the engine computer. A quality scan tool from Repco should be able to both detect and advise of the issue from the ecu and even provide further detail on the error code produced.

From there, and once correctly diagnosed, you can get online or down to your local Repco store to pick up the right sensor or electrical component to get your vehicle running smoothly again. With modern vehicles becoming more and more reliant on electrics we have the quality automotive parts and solutions you need.

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