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Brake Shoes

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TruStop Brake Shoe 200mm x 37mm - TSS8291
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Hurry Sale Ends - 12/12/2023
TruStop Brake Shoe Set 295mm x 50 - TSS5018
TruStop Brake Shoe 295mm X 61.5mm - TSS7811
Handbrake Shoe Retainer Kit 40pc - DT-HBK2
TruStop Brake Shoe 295mm x 55mm - TSS8443
Trustop Brake Handbrake Shoe Set (Minor) - TSS3218
TruStop Brake Shoe 203mm x 38mm (H/Brake Leaver) - TSS8470
Trustop Brake Shoe Set 200mm x 36mm - TSS8046
TRW Brake Shoe K3373AF 200mm x 25mm - GS8290YO
Trustop Brake Shoes - TSS8047
TRW Brake Shoe K1193AF 260mm x 41.4mm - GS7035YO
Trustop Brake Shoes - TSS8652
TRW Brake Shoe 295mm x 60mm - GS8502YO
TRW Brake Shoe 228mm x 42mm - GS8047YO
TRW Brake Shoe 200mm x 36mm - GS8046YO
TruStop Brake Shoe 254mm x 51.5mm - TSS7333
TRW Brake Shoe 200mm x 36mm - GS8582YO
TruStop Brake Shoe 270mm x 54mm - TSS8764
TruStop Brake Shoe 170mm x 40mm - TSS8714
Trustop Brake Handbrake Shoe Set - TSS1774
Showing 1 - 20 of 413 products

Repco stock the widest range of brake shoes for your car, caravan or trailer

Simplicity and reliability have meant that drum brakes on vehicles have existed for over 100 years. Considered the foundation of the modern brake system the combination of brake drum and brake shoes have provided the braking force required to handle the stopping of the smallest trailer to the largest truck.

Now largely confined to the rear brakes of modern vehicles the drum brake system still features for it's ability to combine minimal moving parts and reliable stopping power in most situations.

Popular Questions Asked

What does a brake shoe do?

Housed within a drum brake and backing plate the brake shoes will be operated hydraulically through the activation of the brake pedal. Pushing brake fluid to the relevant wheel cylinder will engage pistons to force the brake shoes lining against the brake drum creating both friction and heat to slow the vehicle down.

As this friction material creates heat this can lead to excessive brake drum heating which in turn dulls the response and effectiveness of the drum brakes as the pad has to travel further to meet the expanding brake drum.

What are brake shoes vs brake pads?

Whilst both braking systems are found on modern vehicles disc brakes now feature more frequently than drum brakes. The nature of disc brakes and disc brake pads enable easier replacement, longer intervals between overheating due to their open design, and less torque required to contact pad to the disc brake rotors.

Drum brakes are still used especially in the rear axle as they however enable easier engagement of a parking brake but also provide sufficient brake function as most braking is done via the disc brake system located on the front wheels.

How do you know when your brake shoes need replacing?

As with any friction material brake shoes wear as a function of their use. In the case of rear drum brakes it is necessary to elevate the vehicle and remove the wheel and brake drum to check on its condition. As these do less of the braking than front disc brake systems they will go longer between maintenance but still require periodic inspection.

Any leaking of brake fluid as well as significant wear of the brake shoe friction material will require immediate attention to service and repair these issues.

Repco stock a wide variety of brake shoes to suit a large range of vehicles and applications. Using our handy Rego search function online allows you to find the right brake shoes at the right price.

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