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Steering Components

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Repco Steering Rack Boot Kit
Nolathane Front Upper Control Arm Alignment Shims (1.5mm) (x10) - 45319
Nolathane Front Upper Control Arm Alignment Shims (3.0mm) (x10) - 45320
Nolathane Front Upper Control Arm Alignment Shims (1.5mm) (x10) - 45351
Nolathane Front Upper Control Arm Alignment Shims (3.0mm) (x10) - 45353
Drivetech 4x4 Steering Damper
Global Steering Rack End - GRE7148

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Global Tie Rod End - GTRE6266
Global Tie Rod End - GTRE6267
Drivetech 4x4 Steering Damper
Drivetech 4x4 Bush Kit Steering Damper - DTB122
Global Steering Rack End - GRE7149
Drivetech 4x4 Steering Damper
Drivetech 4x4 Bush Kit Steering Damper - DTB130
Global Tie Rod End - GTRE6265
Global Steering Rack End - GRE7151
Drivetech 4x4 Bush Kit Steering Damper - DTB140
Global Steering Rack End - GRE7150
Showing 1 - 19 of 20 products

When your steering wheel wanders in all directions, make a straight line for quality steering components at Repco

Stocking the best in ball joints, tie rods, rack boots and more

No matter what type of driving you do there isn't much more disconcerting than loose or worn steering. Whether wandering between lanes, inaccurate turning or just feeling the front wheels aren't doing what your steering wheel is doing make for hair raising moments at times. From something as simple as a worn outer tie rod end through to a faulty power steering rack Repco have the best in steering components from Kelpro, Repco, TRW and Nolathane to steer you out of trouble.

Safe motoring means accurate and responsive steering control

Subjected to wear, road grime and varying conditions makes the components in your vehicle steering system a prime candidate in need of replacement. Comprising ball joints, inner tie rod and outer tie rod ends, rack boots and other critical components, these all need to be in top condition and work in unison to provide the accurate steering and front end geometry to point your car where it needs to go.

With accurate steering working in tandem with your vehicles suspension these ensure your brakes are effective in their function when called upon at a moment�s notice.

Tell-tale signs of worn steering components

If you notice uneven tyre wear, high-pitched shrieks when you're turning or feel that the steering has become shaky or loose, you want to check if it's a ball joint issue or a more serious tie rod problem. These 2 parts act as the linkage between your steering and suspension with your tyres so it pays to replace these through routine maintenance. Most times if only one tie rod end or ball joint is worn you can be replacing only one, but it pays to do both sides of your vehicle at the same time. Tie rod failure induces steering loss which may lead to accidents. Once these are replaced it pays to have a wheel alignment carried out on your vehicle to ensure factory settings and limit premature wear.

Tie rod ends connect the steering rack to the steering knuckle on each front wheel. An adjusting sleeve sits between the two tie rod ends so that when you turn the steering wheel, the movement is transmitted until the tie rod ends push or pull the wheel and allow you to turn.

How to check a worn or loose tie rod end on your vehicle

To check if your tie rods are in good shape, jack up the front of your vehicle and once the wheel is entirely off the ground, check for play by placing your hands at the midpoint of the left and right sides of the tire and, starting with your right hand, alternating with a push/pull movement on each side. If you do feel some play, have a visual inspection underneath, right behind the brake rotor and hub is where you'll find the tie rod end. Your tie rod needs replacement if it moves easily from side to side when you reach up and grab it, or if the bushing is damaged.

We recommend greasing the tie rod ends at every oil change as a preventive way to delay the tie rod replacement.

Go with Repco, the market leader for quality steering, brakes, and suspension for your vehicle

With hundreds of stores across both Australia and New Zealand we have the largest product availability of not just steering components but suspension and braking. With the best brand names, great prices and a Repco store location near you we can help you complete the job with the tools and parts you need. Don't neglect that shaking in the steering wheel when you can simply browse, shop, and pay online and have your new steering parts ready for pick up at your local Repco store.

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