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Motorcycle Oils

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Penrite 4 Stroke 10W-40 PAO/Ester Motorcycle Oil 2.5L - MC410W400025
Penrite 4 Stroke 10W-50 Semi Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 4L - MC410W50004
Penrite 4 Stroke 15W-50 Premium Mineral Motorcycle Oil 4L - MC4MIN15004
Castrol Power 1 4T 10W-40 Motorcycle Engine Oil 4L - 3384362
Penrite 4 Stroke 10W-40 Full Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 4L - MC4FULL10004
Castrol Power 1 Racing 2T Motorcycle Engine Oil 1L - 3384385
Castrol Power 1 Racing 5W-40 Motorcycle Engine Oil 4L - 3356991
Castrol Activ 4T Motorcycle Engine Oil 15W-50  1L - 3384527
Penrite MC-4 ST 10W-40 PAO/Ester Motorcycle Engine Oil 4L - MC410W40004
Castrol Activ 2T Motorcycle Engine Oil 1L - 3413904
Castrol Power 1 Racing 2T Motorcycle Engine Oil 4L - 3384384
Penrite 4 Stroke 20W-50 Premium Mineral Motorcycle Oil 4L - MC420W50004
Penrite Full Synthetic 2 Stroke Motorcycle Oil 1L - MC2FULLSYN001CP
Penrite MC-2 Semi Synthetic 2 Stroke Oil 1L - MC2SEMISYN001CP
Penrite Chain Lube Road 400mL - MCCHAIN0004
Castrol Power 1 Racing 4T 5W-40 Motorcycle Engine Oil 1L - 3418602
Penrite 10 Tenths Foam Filter Oil 400mL - MCFOAM0004
Showing 1 - 20 of 32 products

Motorcycle oils to suit any 4 or 2 stroke application

Whether you are setting lap records with your knee scraping the ripple strips or riding the streets on your chopper or cafe racer we have the right motorcycle oil to suit all applications. At Repco we stock a premium range of not only 4 and 2 stroke oils but a variety of fork oils,gear oils and air filter oils to ensure that your motorcycle or ATV is given the right treatment to perform at its peak.

Motorbike engines operate differently to conventional automotive engines and with a range of specific parts that function only with the correct lubricants you need to ensure that when the time comes to change or top up your oil that you use the correct oil for that application. Wet clutches used in motorbikes and ATVs require different additives and friction modifiers to optimise clutch engagement and gear changes but also dampen vibration and reduce noise. This means that using the wrong oil can affect a number of components and end in costly repairs if you don't use the correct oil for your application. Whether it be a mineral oil or a synthetic oil our range of motorcycle oil covers late model European, Japanese or U.S bikes through to older and classic bikes.

Service your bike today and with our range of motorcycle oil filters and motorcycle spark plugs we can keep your bike in top condition and ready for that next ride through the hills or blast around the motocross track.

Shop online today or visit a Repco store near you and chat to the friendly staff about finding the right motorcycle oil for your bike. Stocking only the finest brands such as Penrite, Castrol and Shell we have the range and the expertise to keep you on the road.

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