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Screwdriver & Bit Sets

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Mechpro Blue 70 Piece Screwdriver Set - MPBSD109K
On Sale Now
Save $22.20
Hurry Sale Ends - 12/12/2023
Milwaukee 12 Piece Screwdriver Set - 4932472003
Hurry Sale Ends - 12/12/2023
Mechpro Blue Security Bit Set 32 Piece - MPBSD107K
On Sale Now
Save $4.60
Hurry Sale Ends - 12/12/2023
Mechpro Blue 100 Piece Screwdriver & Bit Set - MPBSD104K
On Sale Now
Save $12.60
Hurry Sale Ends - 12/12/2023
Mechpro Blue Mini Screwdriver Set 6 Piece - MPBSD102K
On Sale Now
Save $4
Hurry Sale Ends - 12/12/2023
Repco Impact Driver Bit Set 13 Piece - RTK3402
Milwaukee 10pc Screwdriver Kit - 48222714
Repco 7 Piece Insulated Screwdriver Set - RTK24004
Mechpro Screwdriver Set 8 Piece - MPS106K
Repco 8 Piece Go-Thru Impact Screwdriver Set - RTK24011
Repco 13 Piece Screwdriver Set - RTK24000
Powerbuilt 36 Piece Bit Set - 940668H
Repco 7 Piece Torx Screwdriver Set - RTK24010
Powerbuilt 10 Piece Impact Screwdriver Set - WSS5012
Repco 8 Piece Impact Screwdriver Set - RTK24006
Powerbuilt 31 Piece Screwdriver Set - WST6068
Repco 16 Piece Screwdriver Set - RTK34016
Powerbuilt 10 Piece Screwdriver Set - WSS5013
Repco 7 Piece Insulated Screwdriver Set - RTK24012
Repco 8 Piece Screwdriver Set - RTK24013
Showing 1 - 20 of 31 products

Screwdriver and driver bits sets to suit any fastener

Shop Screwdriver & Bit Sets

From a basic 2 piece screwdriver set comprising a phillips head and slotted blade, through to our 100 piece screwdriver and bit set, you can rely on Repco to have a set to suit any application. We have some strong brands which include GV Tools, Mechpro Blue, Milwaukee & Repco.

What does a Screwdriver & Bit Set do?

Screwdriver & Bit Sets gives the ability to fasten and unfasten a multitude of screws as well as a wide variety of fasteners. Our kits come conveniently packaged to enable fast selection as well as easy storage. Most of them are in nicely laid out cases so you can make sure you have all your screwdrivers when the job you are doing is finished. Good insurance to make sure one is not left under a seat or worse, in the engine bay.

Why do I need a Screwdriver Bit Set?

Modern vehicles especially come equipped with a vast array of clips, fasteners and screws that hold everything from trim panels to engine components. Many of these are also hard to reach in the confines of an engine bay or under dash space making any type of maintenance or servicing a pain as well as costly, if damage occurs in the process. This is where a quality set of screwdrivers come in handy to make working on your car a breeze. Choosing between long handled and short stubby variants as well as insulated screwdrivers ensures you have the correct screwdriver at hand to be able to access and connect with the fastener.

Types of Sets


We start with our basic screwdriver sets. Most of them come in a handy carrying case and are neatly laid out so it is easy to pick the size and shape you need. It makes packing them up after the job is done simple and you soon realise if any are missing. You either have the old fashioned screwdrivers in various lengths and sizes, chrome or polished shafts, phillips head and slotted (flat) blade or a reversible handle screwdriver bit set that come with a wide variety of interchangable screwdriver bits. Both have their uses.

Specialty, Precision & Insulated Sets

You then have what I call specialty screwdriver sets. These sets usually have no bits in them. They are your precision (instrument) screwdrivers and insulated screwdrivers. Precision are designed for small phillips and slotted head screws. Below the size of normal screws. Classic example is most battery compartments on kids toys. Insulated are your normal phillips and slotted head screwdrivers though the shaft is insulated with a coat of plastic. These are designed for electrical work. Loosening and tightening terminals for wiring.

Impact Sets

For those really difficult screws there is an impact screwdriver set with your normal size Phillips and slotted head screwdrivers. The difference is they have a shaft that goes right through the screwdriver handle. These are designed to be hit with a hammer to assist in loosening a seized fastener. The use of a hammer on a normal screwdriver will damage the handle.

Most of these products are 'manual' and need the old fashioned grip the handle and turn technique. We do have bit sets for your modern power tools and even some low powered screwdriver handles to make life easier. These sets are mobile and transport easily. Great to take away camping or on a long road trip.

Our Range of Screwdriver & Bits Sets

Your Repco store has a range of screwdriver bit sets with features to suit your need and budget. Trade or account customers, office workers, DIYer's, home handymen or even householders can benefit from screwdriver set. Shop online to view our range and prices to sort out and select what you need. If unsure, it may pay contact or head into your nearest store for help and advice before you purchase. With over 400 nationally we are bound to have one in your community. So come to Repco for your screwdriver and bit sets and check out our other categories including tool kits and sets for any other items you may need.

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