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Uniden 2.5K Front & Rear Dash Cam - DASHVIEW SR
XView Dash Cam 1080P Full HD 2 inch - XV10DVR
XView Dash Cam Hard Wire Kit with USB connection - XVHWC
Uniden 2.5K Front Facing Dash Cam - DASHVIEW S
XView Barrel Dash Cam 1080p Full HD 2 piece Front and Rear - XV22DVR
Uniden 4K Front Facing Dash Cam - DASHVIEW SX
XView Barrel Dash Cam 1080P Full HD Wi-Fi - XV20DVR

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Uniden 4K Front & Rear Dash Cam - DASHVIEW SXR
Powertrain Dash Cam 2.5in Display 4GB Storage - DVRVGAC-1
Powertec Dash Cam System W/GPS Antenna - DVRGPSANT
Nextbase Dash Cam Series 2 32GB Go Pack - 245616
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products

Shop the best range of dash cams and dash camera accessories at your local Repco store

Protect your family and your vehicle with a quality dash cam from Repco

Everyday whilst on the road you contend with the near misses and unpredictability of other drivers as you make your way here or there. Give yourself the peace of mind to be covered in the event of an accident with a quality dash cam from Repco.

Available in a multitude of formats and packing the latest features and functions we have the best dash cams to provide the clear footage you need to remain protected when mishaps occur. Stocking the best in car dash cams from BlackVue, X View and NextBase means the ability to capture footage has never been easier.

The popularity of dash cam footage television shows and online footage from dash cams on YouTube give you some perspective on the dramas that happen on the road and in cars. Equip your vehicle with the right dash cam and have the safety and security that these units provide. With the price of top-quality dash cams now within reach of everyone, you can trust your local Repco store to provide the hottest deals on the latest models.

What is the best dash cam to buy?

Being confronted with the many dash cams on offer can be confusing even for the most tech savvy buyer. Here we will pick the basic and best features for a car camera to ensure you get maximum value from your new dash cam.

From the basic choices of a single-channel (front camera) or dual-channel (front and rear dash camera) setup, through to features that may appear useful but have limited functionality such as Cloud connectivity which is only supported by a handful of models makes buying the best dash cam an important decision.

Below are 5 features that should be given priority when buying a dash camera and why they are important.

  1. Loop recording and Auto start -Both of these functions should be a given on any dash cam you are looking at.

    Loop recording enables your dashcam to overwrite the oldest clip once the storage (usually microSD card) is full. The last thing you want while driving is to have to manually erase older videos to keep it recording.

    Likewise, your dashcam should start as soon as it is powered. Any dashcam requiring you to turn it on manually means there are chances you may forget to do so one day. This is why action cams are generally not suited for dashcam use as their functionality is not geared for daily use.

  2. GPS and Speed logging - Whilst the ability to record footage is great, having the ability for this to be overlayed with GPS location detail and current speed data will greatly enhance the usefulness of your footage. This built in GPS functionality may be both overlayed or embedded in the video file making it easier for insurance claims to be determined.

    Our range of BlackVue dashcams have the possibility to display or hide the speed data overlay from your videos. GPS data can be viewed on a map in the BlackVue Viewer and App.

  3. Impact detection and Event tagging - Ideally, any dashcam should have a G-sensor, or accelerometer, to sense bumps, impacts and sudden acceleration or deceleration. This allows the dashcam to create and tag Event videos accordingly, so you can easily find the video you are looking for later.

    All BlackVue dashcams ever sold have a G-sensor and create buffered Event videos. Some of the more recent models also allow you to prevent Event videos overwriting. Event videos, along with other types of videos, can easily be singled out in the BlackVue App and Viewer by using the available filters: [N]ormal, [E]vent, [P]arking, [M]anual.

  4. Supercapacitor (NOT a built-in battery) - This is one of the most important features of any serious dashcam, assuming you want to be able to leave it in your car. A supercapacitor is a "super safe" battery, usually about the size of 2 AAA cells. It carries just enough power to let your dashcam finish recording files and shutdown without creating errors when power runs out. This way, even if the power cable to the vehicle's battery gets disconnected in an accident, it will still safely record and shut down, preserving the critical video.

    If you are tempted by a dashcam that incorporates a battery, please reconsider. Unless you are planning to always carry your dashcam with you, it could pose a safety risk when operating in a vehicle parked in the sun. Any dashcam that uses a built-in lithium battery instead of a supercapacitor is basically a fire hazard.

    If you are looking for a way to power your dashcam in Parking Mode, look for dedicated Parking Mode accessories instead. All BlackVue dashcams use a supercapacitor. BlackVue provides both kits that power your dashcam from your car's battery and standalone batteries that only charge when you drive.

  5. Buffered Parking Mode - To some vehicle owners, a good Parking Mode is the single most important feature of a dashcam. In Parking Mode, your dashcam monitors your parked car while you are away. Different models do Parking Mode differently but there are some constants. Generally, Parking Mode is designed to be more power and storage-efficient than regular recording mode.

    Why buffered? To ensure the footage can provide irrefutable evidence, it is important that Parking Mode videos include the action happening before the actual triggering event. In case of a hit-and-run, you want to capture the moment leading to the hit. Otherwise, you will have a hard time making your case. A dashcam with buffered Parking Mode keeps constantly in its memory the last few seconds of footage, even without writing to the microSD card. Then, when an impact is sensed, it creates an Event video that includes the few seconds of footage leading to the impact.

    All BlackVue models feature Buffered Parking Mode by Motion and Impact detection. Some models also feature Time Lapse and Buffered Impact detection mode.

Repco stock the best dash cams packed with features

Now that you understand some of the standout features available in our range of quality dash cameras Repco has everything you need to get your car fitted out with a quality dash cam for capturing footage.

Our huge range includes

  • Full HD dash cam kits
  • 4k Ultra HD video quality dash cam kits
  • Dual dash cam kits (front and rear facing camera)
  • Hard-wiring kits

Our range of dashboard cameras are suited to varying budgets to cater for those looking for a good value cost-effective no-frills setup all the way up to feature-packed intelligent models for the most user-friendly experience.

Some of our dash cam setups include Wi Fi connectivity for your smart device to review and download footage. GPS tracking for accurate speed and location of the vehicle on video playback. Hand gesture control to capture an image with a simple wave of your hand. 4K ultra HD cameras for crystal-clear footage day and night to view street signs, road features and registration plates.

Always be sure to factor in the need for an SD card. Your dash cam is useless without an SD card to store the footage on. Some units are supplied with an SD card, however without one you will have to factor this in at an extra cost. For 4K units you will need a larger SD card as this footage will take up much more space. We recommend an SD card with at least 16GB capacity for most units and at least 32GB for a 4K enabled dash cam.

Repco have the latest and greatest in in car technology

When making your dash cam purchase, browse the Repco website or shop in store to view our whole range of feature packed in-car tech. Whether it be quality audio through to our renown throttle controllers we can get your car fully kitted out with all the bells and whistles.

Shop, order and pay online and select out click and collect function at your nearest Repco store, we can even provide delivery services to get it to you fast.

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