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Exhaust Gaskets

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NZG Exhaust Flange Gasket - JE931
NZG Exhaust Gasket - JE012
Permaseal Exhaust Gasket - JF041
Permaseal Exhaust Flange Gasket - EPG032
Permaseal Exhaust Flange Gasket - EPG045
Permaseal Exhaust Gasket - JE011
NZG Exhaust Flange Gasket - JF017

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Permaseal Exhaust Gasket - JE027
Permaseal Exhaust Gasket - JE052
Permaseal Exhaust Gasket - JE101
Permaseal Exhaust Gasket - JE191
Permaseal Exhaust Gasket - EPG048
ACL Exhaust Gasket - JD007
Permaseal Universal Exhaust Flange Gasket - EPG225
Permaseal Exhaust Gasket - MG3102
Permaseal Universal Exhaust Flange Gasket - EPG217
NZG Exhaust Gasket - JF051
Permaseal Exhaust Flange Gasket - EPG161
Permaseal Exhaust Gasket - EPG044
Showing 1 - 19 of 225 products

Exhaust Gaskets

Exhaust gaskets provide the seal between two pieces of exhaust pipe. They stop the hot gas from escaping or leaking and keep it inside the exhaust where it belongs. Being relatively cheap they are less messy to use than an exhaust gasket maker or cement. Precision cut to ensure a perfect fit and the gaskets are made from a material that can take exhaust gas heat.

Exhaust flanges are all different shapes and sizes and so the gaskets are made the same way. Some are round like a large 'O' ring and are made from a heat proof material. Most are crush type gaskets so can only be used once. Make sure when ordering your exhaust you get the correct gaskets to put it all together.

Popular Questions Asked

How do I know if my Exhaust Gasket needs to be replaced?

Exhaust gaskets once installed correctly are quite robust. Usually they fail due to incorrectly tightened nuts and bolts, a misaligned gasket or mechanical damage from hitting or running over an object on the road. You will usually hear the exhaust gas leaking from the joint. Loose bolts is an easy fix as is a misaligned gasket. If damaged from a hit a whole section may need to be replaced.

Can you drive around with an exhaust leak?

You can but you should get it seen to as soon as possible. The reason is you need to make sure exhaust fumes are not getting into the cabin interior. The other issue is what is the leaking exhaust gas blowing on? It may be a component that could fail or worse, catch fire.

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