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Shock Absorbers

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Repco Shock Absorber - RSA-1027
Repco Shock Absorber - RSA-1040
Repco Suspension Strut - RSA-3106
Maxi Trac Nitro Shock Absorber - MTS6013N
Monroe Installation Kit - AK18
Monroe Shock Absorber - GT Gas Reflex - 15-0232
Monroe Shock Absorber - Gas Magnum TDT - 16-0218
Monroe Shock Absorber - Original - G1116
Monroe Shock Absorber - Original - 33059
Monroe Shock Absorber - Gas Magnum - D8070
Monroe Shock Absorber GT Sport - 15-0597
Monroe Shock Absorber - Gas Magnum - V1116
Monroe Shock Absorber - Original - G1074
Monroe Shock Absorber - Original - 43067
Monroe Shock Absorber - Gas Magnum TDT - 16-0524
Monroe Shock Absorber - GT Gas Reflex - 15-0537
Monroe Shock Absorber - GT Gas Reflex - 15-0162
Monroe Shock Absorber - GT Gas Reflex - 15-3025
Monroe Shock Absorber - Gas Magnum - V-1178
Monroe Shock Absorber - Gas Magnum - D8345
Showing 1 - 20 of 1882 products

When your car suspension feels like a bouncy castle, stop by Repco for a quality shock absorber

Stay in tune with the road when you upgrade your suspension system at Repco

Keeping your vehicle planted to the road is critical for safe motoring and when your vehicle shock absorbers are past their best your handling and braking can be severely compromised. Stay in contact with the road with Repco's range of replacement shock absorbers and ensure the smooth ride and stability that comes with the perfect shock absorber for your vehicle.

So what do shock absorbers do?

How shock absorbers work are by converting the kinetic energy of vehicle movement to thermal energy via a pressure tube filled with hydraulic fluid or nitrogen gas. Older style conventional shock absorbers utilise hydraulic fluid and modern units can comprise either fluid or nitrogen gas. As the piston moves within the body of the shock absorber this movement will absorb energy.

Why do I need shock absorbers?

To provide both a smoother ride and ensure your tyres are firmly planted on the road surface, shock absorbers provide this vital connection. By ensuring your shock absorbers are in good working order your vehicle suspension and steering will provide the optimum control and response through the steering wheel to your driving needs.

Shock absorbers wear over time as with other main components in your car's suspension system. This can be displayed as uneven tyre wear, increased body roll or increased vibrations through the steering wheel. Having both front shock absorbers and rear shocks replaced as pairs ensures uniform performance across the front end or rear end of your vehicle.

Our range of quality shock absorbers or struts

Repco has an extensive range of replacement shock absorbers from trusted leading brands such as Monroe with the GT Gas Reflex range, KYB Excel G, Drivetech4x4 with the heavy duty shocks and lift kits for offroad vehicles. Repco also carries a range of "Easy Struts", meaning their key features are an all-in-one shocks and springs combination which makes swapping out suspension a breeze.

Looking for any suspension components, Repco have you covered

To compliment your suspension upgrades we also have a range of strut bars and other performance accessories to keep your ride dialled in and all tyres firmly on the ground. To find the right shocks, struts or suspension parts for your car use our online vehicle selector or rego look up, enter your vehicle details, and get the suspension performance you are after. We also stock a comprehensive range of steering and suspension tools to enable you to accomplish these tasks yourself.

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