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Repco Oil Filter Cartridge - ROF187-S
Repco Oil Filter Cartridge - ROF227C-S
Repco Oil Filter Spin-On - ROF6-S
Repco Oil Filter Spin-On - ROF39-S
Repco Oil Filter Spin-On - ROF21-S
Repco Oil Filter Spin-On - ROF135-S
Repco Oil Filter Spin-On - ROF95-S

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Repco Oil Filter Cartridge - ROF125-S
Repco Oil Filter Spin-On - ROF51-S
Repco Oil Filter Spin-On - ROF80-S
Repco Oil Filter Spin-On - ROF117-S
Repco Oil Filter Cartridge - ROF261-S
Repco Oil Filter Cartridge - ROF191-S
Repco Oil Filter Spin-On - ROF36-S
Repco Oil Filter Cartridge - ROF259-S
Repco Oil Filter Spin-On - ROF53-S
Repco Oil Filter Spin-On - ROF49-S
Repco Oil Filter Cartridge - ROF113
Repco Oil Filter Cartridge - ROF110-S
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Keep your engine in top condition with a quality oil filter from Repco

Whether a spin on oil filter or cartridge filter you will find the right quality replacement oil filter for your vehicle at Repco. Stocking the best in premium Ryco oil filter and K&N oil filter products, as well as our own quality Repco oil filters, means you have the right filtration solutions to keep the lifeblood of your engine clean.

Popular Questions Asked

What does an oil filter do?

Your oil filter is designed to protect your engine's lubrication system from contaminants such as gunk and dirt. This is to ensure your engine isn't starved of oil, ensuring all your engine components are lubricated sufficiently. If your engine is starved from all, this can cause several issues with your big end bearings, cylinder walls, valves and cam lobes or, even worse, you need a replacement engine.

An oil filter works by oil entering the small holes around the base of the filter. It's then passed through the filter media, removing any gunk, dirt, and other contaminants before allowing the oil to go through the centre of the oil filter cartridge to lubricate the engine once more.

How often do I need to replace my oil filter?

It is recommended to replace your oil filter every 8,000 to 15,000 kilometres or as per your owner's manual. We recommended every time you change your engine oil, you should replace your oil filter.

However, in saying this, it doesn't hurt to change your oil filter more often than not at all. If you use your vehicle for heavy towing, pushing your car to the limits whilst on a track day, in stop-start traffic on a regular basis or in extreme heat, you should replace your oil filters more often. The reason for this is the harder your engine works, the hotter the oil gets, the quicker your engine components wear.

What are the signs my oil filter needs replacing?

As advised above, replacing your oil filter at the correct intervals is crucial to prevent further damage to your engine. A blocked or clogged oil filter can restrict the oil flow and can cause unnecessary wear on your engine. If you notice any of the below symptoms, get into your local Repco store to get a replacement oil filter.

  • An oil light appears on the dash
  • Noisy engine
  • Low oil pressure levels - this will be hard to notice unless you have an oil pressure gauge on your dash.
  • Decreased engine performance
  • Metallic noise coming from your engine

Our oil filters are designed and tested to provide protection and performance

All rigorously tested to ensure maximum filtration throughout its service life, our range of oil filters go the distance to provide the performance and protection you demand from an oil filter. Regular vehicle maintenance is essential to maintain long-term reliability and reduce repair costs.

As simple as it sounds, the routine changing of engine oil and oil filter at each service interval goes a long way to ensuring your vehicle remains ready to go when you are. By fitting a quality oil filter when servicing, you are prolonging the life of your engine oil, which is vital to provide the lubrication and cooling requirements of your engine. You will also remove contaminants from your oil to reduce engine wear and protect critical areas of your engine. For the minimal price of a quality oil filter, your engine's efficiency and performance will benefit.

A new oil filter is a small price to pay for extended engine life

Skimping on providing your engine with quality engine oil and an oil filter is a false economy when the long-term costs of repairs and maintenance can be in the thousands. By adhering to the maintenance intervals in your vehicle manual, you are providing the best protection and long-term benefits of a well-serviced vehicle. The full flow of a new filter element ensures no unfiltered oil moves dirt around your engine.