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Camshaft Sensors

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Fuelmiser Camshaft Sensor - CSCA381
Fuelmiser Camshaft Sensor - CSCA91
Fuelmiser Camshaft Sensor - CSCA423
Goss Camshaft Angle Sensor - SC550
Goss Camshaft Angle Sensor - SC521
Fuelmiser Camshaft Sensor - CSCA284
Fuelmiser Camshaft Sensor - CSCA122
Goss Camshaft Angle Sensor - SC381
Fuelmiser Camshaft Sensor - CSCA206
Fuelmiser Camshaft Sensor - CSCA103
Genuine OEM Camshaft Angle Sensor - SC116GEN
Fuelmiser Camshaft Sensor - CSCA120
Fuelmiser Camshaft Sensor - CSCA437
Fuelmiser Camshaft Sensor - CSCA524
Fuelmiser Camshaft Sensor - CSCA249
Goss Camshaft Angle Sensor - SC265
Fuelmiser Camshaft Sensor - CSCA380
Fuelmiser Camshaft Sensor - CSCA391
Fuelmiser Camshaft Sensor - CSCA514
Dorman Camshaft Phaser Holden - 917-274
Showing 1 - 20 of 467 products

Keep your engine running right with Repco camshaft sensors

If you are looking for a new camshaft position sensor, look no further than Repco. With an extensive range of camshaft position sensors throughout our online platforms and in-store, you will find precisely what you're looking for.

Popular Questions Asked

What does a camshaft sensor do?

You will find a camshaft sensor in modern engines. A camshaft position sensor works (also known as a cam angle sensor) alongside your vehicle's engine control module (ECM), as your camshaft sensor feeds data to monitor the speed and position of the camshaft.

What are the symptoms of a faulty cam angle sensor?

Your engine works in sync, if one piece of the puzzle isn't working, it will cause all sorts of issues. Timing of the camshaft is crucial as it determines when the intake and exhaust valves open, which allow the air and fuel mixture into the engine.

A faulty camshaft position sensor will provide your engine with a vast array of different symptoms, including:

  • A check engine light may appear on your dash - this can be caused by a vast array of reasons however using an OBD2 reader, you can determine if you have a bad camshaft position sensor or what else is causing the check engine light to illuminate.
  • Poor acceleration
  • Ignition problems can occur when you start having issues with your cam sensor, it can cause weakness in the signal to your vehicle's engine control unit. This can cause a problem with being able to start your car if there is no ignition spark.
  • Poor fuel economy - as there is possibly an inaccurate reading from the sensor, therefore you will use more fuel than needed.
  • Issues shifting - with modern cars, if you have a faulty camshaft sensor, it can lock your transmission. Therefore, you will stay stuck in gear. To get out of the gear, you will have to turn off the car and allow a while before starting the vehicle again.

Where is the camshaft position sensor located?

A camshaft sensor will be located in different spots on your vehicle depending on what make and model vehicle you drive. However, a cam sensor is usually located on the exterior of your engine block, it can be found near the timing cover, intake manifold or one or both heads.

Stocking quality replacement sensors under the one roof

Ensuring your engine and ignition system never miss a beat with quality OEM replacements. Whether you are looking for a cylinder head, fuel injectors, spark plugs, or car sensors, Repco has you covered.

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