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Battery Terminals & Lugs

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Repco Battery Terminal Cleaning Brush - RST193
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OEX Cable Lug Solder or Crimp REF# 10-8 10Pk - ACX0101FE
OEX Cable Lug Solder or Crimp REF# 10-10 10Pk - ACX0102
Projecta Battery Terminal Negative & Positive 2Pk - BT14-2
Projecta Battery Isolator Terminal Negative 1Pk - BT001
Projecta Battery Terminal Shims 2pk - BTS-2
OEX Cable Lug Solder or Crimp REF# 10-6 10Pk - ACX0100FE

Gear Up Microfibre Rags 1kg

Super water absorption and drying anything faster and easier!

Narva Cable Lug 16mm2 8mm Stud Flared End - 57125BL
Narva Cable Lug 10mm2 6mm Stud Flared End - 57120
OEX Stud Terminal Insulator End Entry Red - ACX3122
Projecta Battery Terminal Forged Brass Saddle Positive 1pk - BT611-P1
Narva Cable Lug 10mm2 8mm Stud Flared End - 57121BL
Projecta Battery Terminal End Entry Positive or Negative - BT11-10
Narva Red Heavy Duty 175 Amp Connector with Terminals - 57215RBL
Narva Cable Lug 16mm2 6mm Stud Flared End - 57124
Projecta Battery Terminal Brass Saddle Heavy Duty 1Pk - BT11H-1
Projecta Battery Terminal Bolt On Heavy Duty Positive - BT142H-P10
Showing 1 - 19 of 205 products

Ensure a solid connection on your battery post with Repco's range of quality battery terminals

We stock the best in brass terminals and battery cable lugs

Reliable vehicle starting relies on the uninterrupted power supply from your battery to your starter motor. Get the best in battery terminals, battery cables and battery lugs from Repco and provide easy starting when needed.

Whilst your vehicle battery gets most of the attention when your car refuses to start it also pays to check the connection between your battery and cables. A loose or corroded battery terminal will not provide the power delivery needed and you can be chasing your tail over something so simple

Repco's range of replacement battery terminals, cable lugs and accessories enable quick and easy changeover for both positive and negative battery posts to ensure solid connection for whatever gauge battery cable you run.

Suited to any application, Repco have the best brand name products in car electrics to ensure reliable starting. Whether you phone your local store or shop easily online we can provide the information to ensure you get the right parts for your needs.

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