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Air Dryer

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Bigboi Mini Jnr Drying System - BLOWRMINIJNR
Bigboi Drying System Buddi Jnr - BUDDIJNR
Bigboi Buddi Foam Filter 3 Pack - BLOWRBUDDI3PK
Bigboi Pro & Mini Foam Filters 3 Pack - BLOWR3PK
Bigboi Xtractor Mini Vehicle Cleaner - XTRACTRMINI
Bigboi BlowR Mini (+) Drying System - BLOWRMINIPLUS
Bigboi BlowR+9 9m Hose Bonus - MINIPLUS9MOFFER

Repco Petrol & Diesel Injector Cleaner

Restore lost power and boost fuel economy when adding Repco Fuel Injector Cleaner next time you fill up.

Bigboi BlowR Mini Drying System - BLOWRMINI
Bigboi BlowR Pro Drying System 9m Hose Bonus - PRO9MOFFER
Bigboi BlowR Buddi Drying System - BLOWRBUDDI
Bigboi BlowR Mini Drying System 9m Hose Bonus - MINI9MOFFER
Bigboi BlowR Pro+ Drying System - BLOWRPROPLUS
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products

Speed up the drying process with the best car dryer from Repco

A forced air dryer provides the touchless car drying experience

Once the domain of professional detailers, a car dryer was the secret to minimising scratches and swirl marks in your paintwork as you dried with a traditional chamois or drying towel.

Well the secret is out, and with the masses of warm filtered air from one of our quality car dryers you can halve the drying time while doing an even better job of the drying process. The high volume air flow of a car dryer will expel water from the tighest of nooks and crevices while the heated air will dry any residual drops instantly.

Why air flow and warm filtered air helps your car paintwork long term

Specifically designed for drying your vehicle after washing, a car dryer is the next step in long term protection of your vehicle's paintwork. Whilst a chamois or drying towel have their place they a quite adept at putting scratches across your paintwork as you dry. The ability of an air blower to push water from your paintwork and provide a powerful blast of air to clean out side mirrors and bodywork help both completely dry your car but also lessen these scratches.

Whilst these scratches may appear minimal while drying, over time your car's finish will show swirl marks and fine scratches across the paint that will require some form of paint correction.

The ability to be easily drying cars also lessens the chance of water spots on your paint which require even more intensive paint correction down the track.

Another benefit of a car dryer is the super easy ability to completely dry the intricate spokes and crevices on your wheels. Having both heated air and high volume air allows for quick drying of even the most detailed wheels with a minimum of fuss.

Repco have the biggest range of not just air driers but car detailing equipment

Whether just starting out on your car detailing journey or a seasoned professional detailer Repco are your one stop shop for the best in car detailing products and equipment. Stocking market leading brands such a Rupes, Bigboi and Meguiars means there are no shortcuts when it comes to giving you the cleanest vehicle on the block.

Our range of car detailing equipment helps you turn out professional results to give you the sense of satisfaction that comes with a truly detailed car. Shop the range online or come into your local Repco store and see the widest range of car cleaning products.

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