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Wire Brushes & Discs

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GV Tools Wire Wheel Set 2 Piece - GV019
Norton Expert Quantum Wire Wheel 80 - 210013527
Patience & Nicholson Carbide Burr - 918TP10206
Patience & Nicholson Carbide Burr - 918CR10206
Norton Expert Quantum Wire Cup 75X Multi - 210013486
Norton Expert Quantum Wire Wheel 70 - 210013565
Norton Expert Quantum Wire Cup 75X Multi Twist - 210013483

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Norton Expert Quantum Wire Wheel 150 - 210013500
Patience & Nicholson Carbide Burr - 918TR10206
Sutton Workshop Double Cut Carbide Burrs Square - 918CS08206
Flexovit Zirconia Flap Disc 40G 115 x 22mm - 66261039206
Flexovit Zirconia Flap Disc 80G 102 x 16mm - 63642582377
Flexovit Zirconia Flap Disc 40G 127 x 22mm - 66261039207
Flexovit Zirconia Flap Disc 60G 115 x 22mm - 66261039219
Norton Expert Quantum Wire End Rotary 25 - 210013513
Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products

Ideally suited to rust removal, Repco stock the best in wire wheels and wire brushes

Clean up with a quality wire brush or wire wheel at Repco

A build up of dirt, grime and rust on your car or metal parts makes both maintenance or restoration a pain. Get stuck in with a wire brush or wire wheel and get those surfaces cleaned up in no time.

Whether it's a triple pack of wire brushes, a wire cup brush or a strip wheel, Repco have the great range of cleaning products to attack any surface and have it free of welding slag, paint, rust, grease and grime.

What type of wire brush is suited for what application?

Repco stock wire brushes in a variety of configurations and materials but which one is best suited for the job you are undertaking? Available in steel, stainless steel, brass and nylon each have their own benefits when tackling specific uses.

Both nylon and brass brushes are relatively light duty and this versatility mean they can be used on most surfaces with varying effect. A steel and stainless steel brush or wheel are best for heavy duty use on other similar strength metals and are effective for cleaning welding slag and rust removal.

Employing a steel wire brush on surfaces such as glass, copper and aluminium can easily damage these so it pays to correctly use the right tool or brush for the surfaces you are cleaning.

Shop the best in wire brushes and wire wheels

Whether looking to fire up the angle grinder with a suitable wire wheel or just wanting the softer cleaning that comes with a small brass brush, Repco have the tools and equipment you need.

Allowing you to get to work, we stock the gear that is used by the trade and designed for heavy duty use in any garage or workshop. Shop online or come in store and browse our wide range of quality tools ideal for any project.

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