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IP Plastics 9.6L Bucket 98% Recycled
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Repco Bucket Dirt Trap Black - RBUCKETGGB
Repco Bucket Black - RBUCKETBB
Meguiar's Bucket + Lid 2019 - MBR19
Repco Bucket Cover Red - RBUCKETCR
13L Heavy Duty Plastic Bucket - PBT13
12 Litre Plastic Bucket - PBT12SQ20
Meguiar's Gritguard - X3003
Armor All Supercars Wash Bucket 13.6L - 63136
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products

Car Wash Bucket For That Soapy, Foamy Car Wash Experience

Shop Our Range Of Car Wash Buckets

Dunking your sponge or wash mitt into a car wash bucket full of soapy water is a joy every automotive enthusiast savours. Supplying an array of quality heavy duty buckets for all your vehicle washing and detailing makes Repco your go-to for a full range of care car products. Whether it be a bucket, grit guard or bucket lid, we have the car wash products to make your vehicle gleam and enjoy the full car wash experience. Repco stocks a wide range of dedicated wash bucket brands from Bowden's Own, Meguiars, Armor All and Eclipse.

Bucket Wash Technique To Assist With Washing Your Car

There are several ways to wash your car, whether it is a quick wash or a long detailed wash. We have you covered with wash buckets at Repco to suit your needs.

Why stop with one bucket when washing your car? You could have a bucket for washing your car, a wheel bucket, and a rinse bucket. This is quite a key point as washing your wheels in the same bucket as your car isn't ideal as any large particles can cause damage or swirl marks in your cars paint.

We have a vast array of products to place in your wash bucket to assist in cleaning your car from washing tool like shagtastic wash pad or wash pillow, sponges and dirt grit guards.

Washing your car can be quite easy with a wash bucket:

  • Easy to carry with a handle
  • Easy storage buckets, can be stacked
  • With grit guard inserts it dramatically reduces chances of any grime and dirt scratching your cars paint
  • A safe wash system knowing your car's paint is going to be protected

Don't be messing around with an old flimsy undersized bucket when you can have a tough and durable large capacity bucket perfectly suited to washing your vehicle. From the smallest microcar to the largest fourbie, a sturdy bucket that holds plenty of water and suds is a minimum when you want to give your vehicle the proper clean it needs.

Dedicated Wash Bucket To Enhance Your Washing Experience

One of the biggest advancements in buckets in recent years is the inclusion of a grit or dirt guard that sits snuggly in the bottom of your car wash bucket. Designed as a platform to elevate your sponge or brush from the dirt and coarse particles that sink to the bottom, this relatively simple product greatly assists in reducing swirl marks and scratches in your paintwork as you wash.

Outfitting your bucket and grit guard with a tight-fitting lid finishes the ensemble to give you are a hard-wearing companion for all your car washing. Having the ability to store your car wash liquid, sponges and chamois or drying cloth out of sight and have it all ready to go next time makes it even easier to set yourself up and be cleaning in no time.

Our Range Of Car Wash Buckets

Stocking such well-known brands and even our own big kahuna of buckets from Repco gives you a choice in size, colours and accessories to integrate well with any workshop setting. So whether it is giving your vehicle that deep clean after a weekend of bush tracks, a quick once over before the next morning's car meet or just a light chamois to remove a layer of dust you can't go past our range of car wash buckets to get your vehicle shiny again.

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