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Transmission Additives

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Penrite Shift Eze 125ml - SHIFTEZE000125
Nulon Gearbox Treatment 125ml - G70
Rislone One Seal Stop Leak 325ml - 44334
Lubegard Shudder Fix 60ML
Lucas Transmission Fix Stop Slip 700mL - 10009
Rislone Transmission Fix 340ml
Nulon Auto Transmission Treatment 300mL
Penrite 4297 Transmission Additive 150Ml - PEN4297000150ML
Preston ATF + Stop Leak 946 ml - AS272
Rislone Hy-Per Cool Cleaner and Super Flush 473ML - 41240
Rislone Hy-Per Cool Super Coolant 473ml - 41300
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products

Shift into the right gear with our range of Transmission additives.

When your gearbox or transmission is having issues you may have trouble shifting gears and it may shudder, slip or have excessive noise or whining. This could signify major problems but in a number of cases the addition of a quality Automatic Transmission fluid additive may be all that's needed to alleviate the problem and resume trouble free motoring.

Having to repair or replace a transmission or gearbox in a vehicle today can be one of the more costly exercises you can undertake. Nothing is easily accessible and labour charges can outstrip the cost of the replacement unit in some cases. With this in mind it is always best to try and rectify any issues before they become more expensive. The high tech formulations used in these transmission additives can assist with smoother shifting, reduced noise and wear whilst providing maximum lubrication and longer transmission life all for minimal cost.

Another worthwhile method to maintain and prolong the life of your automatic transmission is to replace your transmission filter as scheduled in your service book. This, combined with the correctly formulated Auto transmission fluid can provide the protection needed before troubles and issues arise.

Stocking all the quality brands such as Nulon, Rislone and Penrite make Repco your one stop shop for the best in auto trans additives to keep you motoring. The unique formulations coupled with extensive testing and development all add up to a range of products that can help overcome some of the more frustrating and costly fixes that can occur on your vehicle. The complexity of modern automatic gearboxes lends itself to a multitude of possible issues but we are here to help.

Browse and shop online or come in to your local Repco store to see our range today. Take the headaches out of transmission problems and try a quality additive to help combat a variety of issues.

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