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Brake Master Cylinder

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Kelpro Clutch Master Cylinder 15.87mm 5/8 - KCM1866
Kelpro Brake Master Cylinder 15/16 - KBM9524
Kelpro Clutch Master Cylinder 15.87mm 30610N8200 5/8 - KCM1431
Kelpro Trailer Master Cylinder 15.87mm 5/8 - KCM4979
Kelpro Brake Master Cylinder 15/16 - KBM9775
Kelpro Brake Master Cylinder 1 Inch - KBM30225
Kelpro Brake Master Cylinder 13/16 - KBM9969

Little Trees Air Fresheners 1pk

Freshen up your vehicle interior with a classic Little Trees Car Air Freshener.

Kelpro Brake Master Cylinder 1 Inch - KBM30242
Kelpro Clutch Master Cylinder 5/8
Kelpro Brake Master Cylinder 7/8 - KBM30272
Kelpro Brake Master Cylinder 7/8 - KBM30198
Kelpro Brake Master Cylinder - KBM9525
Kelpro Brake Master Cylinder 1-1/16 - KBM30151
Kelpro Brake Master Cylinder - KBM30207
Kelpro Brake Master Cylinder A/T 13/16 - KBM30240
Kelpro Brake Master Cylinder 15/16 - KBM1649
Kelpro Brake Master Cylinder 1-1/16 - KBM30222
Kelpro Brake Master Cylinder 21mm 13/16 - KBM1351
Kelpro Brake Master Cylinder 1 Inch - KBM1882
Showing 1 - 19 of 629 products

Get that surefooted brake pedal with a quality brake master cylinder from Repco

Safe stopping happens when using the right brake components

When behind the wheel nothing is more disconcerting than a brake pedal that sinks to the floor when pushed. Whilst any number of factors can be at play, in most case a bad brake master cylinder won't be providing the adequate brake pressure to actuate the brake pads. Get the right replacement brake master cylinder from Repco for your vehicle and regain the confidence of safe braking performance. At Repco we stock the best replacement brake master cylinders from Bosch, Kelpro and Clutch Industries to ensure we have the right brake master cylinder for your vehicle.

What does a brake master cylinder do?

A master cylinder, whether a clutch or brake master cylinder, operates as a hydraulic pump to force brake fluid pressure into actuating the mechanisms of the brakes or clutch.

In the case of brakes the brake master cylinder will provide hydraulic pressure to both the front and rear brakes via brake lines so that all 4 wheels will have brake pressure applied at the same time to ensure safe stopping.

Signs of a bad brake master cylinder

When looking to diagnose a possible bad brake master cylinder here are a few common signs that can help.

  • Modern vehicles have a warning brake light connected to the brake system via the brake master cylinder. If this becomes illuminated this may indicate either a faulty brake master cylinder or the absence of brake fluid in the reservoir. Check step 2 if brake fluid is needed.
  • Visually inspect the brake fluid level contained in the reservoir of the master cylinder. This should always be between the min and max levels and if low top up with the relevant grade of brake fluid as specified by your vehicle manufacturer. Low brake fluid will possibly allow air to enter the system which will contribute to a spongey brake pedal when depressed. Once fluid levels are checked to be ok and if the spongey pedal remains you may need to bleed the brakes. If it still remains spongey you may have a faulty brake master cylinder.
  • Push your foot on the brake pedal whilst stationary and see if the pedal travels slowly or quickly to the floor. Travel in your brake pedal indicates fluid leaking either through the seals on the piston of your master cylinder or an external leak from a brake line or disc brakes calipers or the cylinders in your drum brakes. If no signs of leaking brake fluid exist, then this could indicate the rubber seals in your brake master cylinder are perished and are letting fluid past.

Stop at Repco for the best in brake pads, brake fluid and brake master cylinders

Why just look for a master cylinder rebuild kit when for the peace of mind, we offer quality brake master cylinders at a competitive replacement cost. Repco stock a vast array of master cylinders making it easier to replace the whole unit and know the job is done right and your braking system is optimal.

Made of cast iron or aluminium, a high-quality standard is guaranteed by sophisticated production methods and stringent checks to ensure ideal functioning and freedom from leaks. Optimized cylinder surfaces also minimize collar abrasion and help maintain long-term reliability of all our brake master cylinders. Our range of clutch and brake master and slave cylinders are sourced from only accredited world leading factories and brands that specialise in making automotive hydraulic cylinders ensuring the quality of every part.

Whatever your brake circuit issues we have the extensive range and reputable brands to provide the products to suit. From something as simple as a master cylinder cap through to brake wear sensors, disc brake pads and rotors as well as all the leading brands of brake fluid.

Use our Rego Search option online or in store to allow you to locate the correct specific master cylinder for your vehicle and with our click and collect and home delivery options we can get these parts to you sooner and with a minimum of hassle. Or come in store today to speak to our knowledgeable staff about the options available.

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