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Reverse Cameras

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Powertrain Reverse Parking Sensor System - PK005BG
Power Train RVC600WL Digital Wirelesses Reversing System 4.3'' Rear View Monitor With Camera
Parkmate Reversing Camera With Front Facing Dash Cam - MCPK-502DVR
Parkmate Digital Butterfly Camera
Kemax 4.3 Inch Monitor
Parkmate HD Reversing Camera - RVK43
Powertrain Clip On Reversing Camera With Guidelines
Pioneer Reversing Camera
JVC Reversing Camera
Powertrain 4.3in. Reversing Camera With Sensors
OEX Disc Horn 24V 115dB - ACX5118
Kemax Heavy Duty Reversing Camera LED Lighting
Kemax Variable Track Reversing Camera
Powertrain Reversing Camera With Trailer Kit
Warning Buzzer Continuous Tone 12 or 24V - 72550BL
Powertrain 7 Inch Wireless Reversing System - RVC800WL
OEX Disc Horn 12V 100dB - ACX5117
Raptor Audio Access Reversing Camera Universal Sensor
Kemax Reversing Camera Universal Fit
Automedia 4.3in. Reversing Camera Dual
Showing 1 - 20 of 25 products
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Reversing Cameras - Equip your car with the latest modern driving technology

Jealous of modern cars with advanced modern features like parking sensors, dash cams and reversing cameras? With a range of aftermarket reverse camera options available to buy at Repco, you can equip your car with a reversing camera to finesse difficult car parks, make the most out of the room in your single car garage and park with confidence that you won't add any bumps, scrapes, dings or other marks to your precious paintwork while parking. An aftermarket backup camera is a great way to take the guesswork out of parking, making it easier, safer and less stressful every time you throw the car into reverse. At Repco, we have a range of reversing cameras from leading brands including Parkmate, Powertrain, Automedia, Kemax and even Kenwood and Pioneer for reverse camera compatible head units. At Repco we offer both reversing cameras with dash-mountable monitors and even dash cameras with clip-on rear view mirrors. Both types are wired into the reverse light circuit of your car and are automatically actuated when you select reverse.

Reverse cameras are a great addition to all vehicles, however there are some vehicles that benefit more from this than others. Large, lifted 4x4s, vans, trucks or motorhomes often have huge blind spots which make parking very difficult, some even lack a rear view mirror or rear cab window. With little to no context of where the rear of the car is, it can be easy to damage your car, a parked car or even injure a pedestrian. Vehicles which are regularly used to tow also benefit from a reverse camera for a couple of reasons. Reversing a trailer has its obvious challenges, however with the reversing camera you can more easily see how the trailer is behaving an make steering adjustments to suit. When reversing up to the trailer to hook it up to the hitch, you can rely on a reverse camera rather than your mate's judgement to get the tow ball lined up perfectly first time without constantly getting out of the car to check.

Not only do backup cameras give you a real-time view of what is behind your car as you park, they also display a set of coloured guidelines to add reference to the distance from the back of your car to the garage wall, edge of the carpark, other parked cars or whatever else may lay behind your car. These guidelines make it easy to judge the distance, modulate the throttle or brakes and smoothly, accurately get the car safely parked without any accidental contact. Some also feature a centre-line which makes it easier to keep the car as straight as an arrow as you reverse, keeping your car evenly in the middle of the parking spot so you aren't over the lines or hanging out of the spot where your car could become damaged or even parked in by the next car. To shop our entire driver assist category to get your car equipped with all the latest safety gear to make driving a breeze, browse the website or head into your local Repco store today.

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