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Driving Lights

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Narva R2 P45t - 41 Globe 12V 45/40W - 49211
Narva Semi Sealed Beam Rectangle 142 X 200Mm Globe Style H4 - 72090
Narva Semi Sealed Beam Round 146Mm Globe Style H1 - 72060
Narva Semi Sealed Beam Round 146mm H1 - 72014
Narva Semi Sealed Beam Round 146Mm Globe Style H4 - 72046
Narva Semi Sealed Beam Round 146mm H4 - 72010

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Narva Semi Sealed Beam Rectangle 100 x 165mm Globe Style H4 - 72066
Stedi Type X Pro 215mm LED Round Driving Light Set - LEDTYPE-X-PRO
Narva Semi Sealed Beam Round 146Mm H4 - 72008
HELLA 12V Safety Day Light - 1009BL
HELLA 12V Day Time Running Light LED  Rectangle Universal -Single - 1009
HELLA 24V LED Daytime Running Light Rectangle - 563624V
Stedi 7 Inch Type X Sport Round Driving Light Set - TYPE-X-SRT-7INCH
Semi Sealed 165 x 100mm H4 2Pce - 72018
Great Whites Attack 170mm LED Backlit Round Driving Light - GWR10084
Showing 1 - 19 of 123 products

Turn night into day with Driving Lights & Accessories

Shop Driving Lights & Accessories

One you leave the built up city behind and get onto real country roads with no street lighting you soon realise how good or bad your lights are. At Repco we can help you turn night into day with our range of driving light brands including LED Autolamps, Maxitrac & Narva.

What does a Driving Light do?

Driving lights and their accessories help you see more at night than what your normal headlights show you. They extend out the distance a normal headlight shines and light up the side of the road so you can spot any wildlife grazing by the roadside. They can also "fill in" the normal light pattern produce by standard headlights. By fill in I mean make it brighter so you can clearly make out the object on the road and plan how to avoid it.

Why do I need Driving Lights

Everyone can benefit from driving lights even if you hardly ever leave the city. They are handy at night in dimly lit streets when looking for a street name or a house number. Any one who has driven a country road at night understands their value and that increases when you hit a bush track or dirt road. There are many lighting options available and brackets to suit most vehicles so there will be something to suit your car and driving needs.

Fitting Driving Lights & Accessories

If you have a bit of wiring knowledge, fitting driving lights is not difficult. Time consuming may be, rewarding, absolutely. Like any project, figuring out where to put them and choosing the correct lights and driving light accessories is the hard part. The accessories are all the items you need to complete the job, wiring, light bars, brackets, relays, switches etc. Some driving light kits have it all in the box including instructions.

As driving lights tend to blind drivers of oncoming vehicles it is a good idea to wire them through your high beam switch. This way they only operate when you have high beam on. It is also easier to dip your lights using only the one switch when suddenly confronted by an oncoming vehicle. You can still install a separate switch on the dash or console to give you independant control.

Our Range of Driving Lights and Accessories

Whether you need a new light bar to change the position of your driving lights or adding spot lights so you can load up the trailer in the dark, we have the product range and parts at a price to suit your budget. Before heading out on your next adventure, grab the details of what you are looking for and search online for product availability. Once you find it order it click collect through the website or head into one of our Repco stores. With over 400 in Australia we are sure to have a store location near you. Also keep an eye out for when we have a sale.

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