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Jump Starters

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Projecta 12V 1200A Intelli-Start Emergency Lithium Jump Starter and Power Bank - IS1220
Catalogue Sale
Save $232
Hurry Sale Ends - 02/07/2024
Repco 12V 1200A Sealed AGM Battery Jump Starter - RCJS1200
Catalogue Sale
Save $19
Hurry Sale Ends - 02/07/2024
NOCO Boost 12V 3000A Jump Starter - GB150
Catalogue Sale
Save $191
Hurry Sale Ends - 02/07/2024
Projecta 12V 1400A Jump Starter - IS1400
Catalogue Sale
Save $115
Hurry Sale Ends - 02/07/2024
NOCO Boost 12V 1000A Jump Starter - GB40
NOCO Boost 12V 2000A Jump Starter - GB70
NOCO Boost 12V 1500A Jump Starter - GB50

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NOCO Boost 12V 500A Jump Starter - GB20
Repco 12V 800A Sealed AGM Battery Jump Starter - RCJS800
Repco 12V 1700A Sealed AGM Battery Jump Starter - RCJS1700
Mechpro 240v Adapter for MPJS800 Jump Starter - MPJS-800
Projecta 12/24V 2000A Jump Starter - IS2000
Matson 24V or 12V Jump Starter - MA3400
Sulco 12/24v Procap Truck Jump Starter Booster Trolley - C21224V
Powerall Jumper Lead Replacement Reverse Polarity 12V - PBJSCABLE
Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products

Reliable car battery jump starters at the best prices at Repco

Shop for the best jump starter from our wide range of quality brands

Whether you drive a huge Dodge Ram, a tiny Mini Cooper or anything in between, we have a jump starter suited to crank your dead battery back to life. Available in a large variety of sizes, Repco stock a jump starter pack designed to give that boost to any flat battery and get you back on the road. A portable jump starter can easily be stored in your glovebox or boot space to provide the peace of mind of reliable starting when you need it most.

Repco knows how frustrating a flat battery can be so choose to stock only the best car jump starter products from NOCO, Projecta, and Repco. Designed and engineered to provide the power to start a lifeless battery, a lithium jump starter makes short work of flat batteries.

Popular Questions Asked

What does a jump starter do?

A car battery jump starter is a device that is designed to allow you to jump-start your vehicle without requiring another vehicle. Whether you have recreational vehicles, new or old vehicles, a battery can suffer from a variety of issues to make engine starting difficult. Give it the kick it requires with a jump starter, and you can be on your way in no time. Whether a heavy-duty jump starter or a compact power bank with battery terminal attachment,s we have these and more to bring that battery back to life.

Offering a rapid burst of power to enable effective engine cranking your jump starter will provide that safe starting power to get you on the move. With many jump starters featuring inbuilt power monitors, you can always rely on sufficient power capacity to start the largest of engines based on the unit you use.

Why do I need a jump starter?

A jump starter is worth having, you never know when you may need it, especially with older cars and recreational vehicles. Never be stuck in an emergency not being able to start your vehicle, and whether sitting on the shelf in your workshop or tucked away in your glovebox, a jump starter is a worthwhile investment that will pay for itself many times over when the time comes to need it.

With the current advent of new and more effective ways of storing power, the vast majority of jump starters these days contain lithium or AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries to provide maximum starting power in a compact format. AGM and Lithium batteries are spillproof, withstand shaking and vibration and pack more power into a smaller package making them highly portable and effective in starting. Lithium jump starters have a low discharge rate when not in use, making them great to keep in the boot of the car or the garage shelf to be ready to jump-start your car. Lithium batteries generally lose around 5% of charge per month, whereas traditional lead-acid batteries are closer to 20%.

From the smallest hatchback to the largest 4wd, we have a jump starter to suit any of your power and starting requirements. Whether it be from an interior light left on, or a battery that's on its last legs, you can quickly and easily hook up your jump starter to get your vehicle running and recharge your battery.

Stocking a variety of jump starters from such reputable brands means you will find a unit suited to your power demands. Housed in hardwearing plastic cases and with insulated and weatherproof terminal clips make these units a durable and long-lasting investment to your workshop inventory. Featuring LED power monitors, additional USB and anderson plug connectors and inbuilt lighting are just some of the features packed into our range of jump starters at Repco. If you are looking for a quality jump starter, you may also be interested in shopping our range of battery chargers, jumper cables, battery products.

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