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Gear Oils

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Penrite Pro Gear GL-5 75W-85 2. 5L - PROGL50025
Penrite Trans Gear 75W-90 2. 5L - TG75900025
Penrite Gear Oil 80W-90 2.5L - GO80900025
Penrite Trans Gear 75W-90 1L - TG7590001
Castrol Syntrax Universal Plus Fluid 75W-90 1L - 3377738
Penrite Transoil SAE 90 1L - T90001

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Penrite Pro Gear 75W-90 2. 5L - PROG75900025
Penrite Pro Gear 70W-75 2.5L - PROG70750025
Penrite Pro Gear 75W-85 2. 5L - PROG75850025
Penrite Trans Gear 75W-80 2. 5L - TG75800025
Penrite Pro Gear 80W-140 2. 5L - PROG801400025
Castrol MANUAL VMX Transmission Fluid 80W 4L - 3377724
Penrite Gear Oil 85W-140 2. 5L - GO851400025
Penrite Gear Oil 140 2. 5L - GO1400025
Penrite Motorcycle Gear Oil 1L - MCGO80001
Penrite Pro Gear 75W-90 1L - PROG7590001
Penrite Gear Oil 80W-90 1L - GO8090001
Penrite Transoil SAE 140 1L - T140001
Showing 1 - 19 of 50 products

At Repco we stock the best gearbox oil for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Keep the wheels turning with our range of quality gear oils and fluids

No matter what you drive Repco have the leading brands and best ranges of gear oils suited to any operating conditions. Whether you are looking for full synthetic, semi synthetic, or mineral gear oil we have the viscosity grade and great product availability to keep you on the road. Offering excellent protection in severe applications we stock leading brands such as Penrite, Castrol and Nulon, and know what gear oil is best to keep your vehicle going.

Gear oils formulated to provide the protection and performance needed in the most extreme environments

High temperatures and torturous operating conditions are just some of the demands placed on the gear oils in your vehicle. Sealed away in your gearbox or differential we barely give a second thought to these fluids as we drive. Changed less frequently than engine oils these gear oils contain specific additives and a high viscosity index to ensure they remain stable and don't vary their viscosity over a wide temperature range. This ensure consistent performance throughout its varying operating temperature and conditions.

Although gear oils in the 75w 90 and 80w 90 range look similar in specifications they vary in their viscosities so always ensure you choose the best gear oil to suit most applications where you will drive. Heavy duty trucks, buses and light commercials will differ in their requirements for gear oils as opposed to passenger vehicles so it pays to compare what range these oils are suited for.

A mineral base oil performs well in most gear applications as it provides a greater film thickness at given viscosities. There are however applications where a synthetic base oil is preferable. The additive packs across these oil vary significantly based on what categories these oils fall under.

Changing your gear oils

Using our handy rego search function select your vehicle, shop the range of quality gear oils and differential fluid, and feel the benefits of the right gear oil formulated to the specifications you require. Once you have purchased the right gear oil for your gearbox or differential you will need to sort out getting it changed.

This is where our range of jacks and axle stands come in handy to get your car elevated and you underneath it. From there it is about locating the oil drain plug on your gearbox or differential, undoing it, and then using a drain pan to catch the fluid. Filling it will then require locating the fill plug which will be at a location further up the side of the differential or gearbox. In situations like this and with minimal clearance it pays to use one of our fluid transfer solutions to ensure your new gearbox oil doesn't end up all over the garage floor!

With hundreds of stores across Australia and New Zealand we are your local auto parts store. Whether it be a quality Nulon, Castrol or Penrite oil we have the best gear oils for you and can help choose the most suitable for both your driving style and your vehicle make and model.

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