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CV Boots

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Repco CV Joint Boot Kit - 200-056
Repco CV Joint Boot Kit - 100-019
Stretch CV Boot kit - Small - SCVB-SMALL
Kelpro CV Boot Kit - CIB-744
Repco CV Joint Boot Kit - 200-007
Repco CV Joint Boot Kit - 200-035
Repco CV Joint Boot Kit - 200-054

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Repco CV Joint Boot Kit - 100-014
Repco CV Joint Boot Kit - 100-060
Repco CV Joint Boot Kit - 200-010
Kelpro CV Joint Boot Kit - CIB-729
Kelpro CV Joint Boot Kit - CIB-502
Repco CV Joint Boot Kit - 200-044
Repco CV Joint Boot Kit - 200-037
Repco CV Joint Boot Kit - 200-061
Repco CV Joint Boot Kit - 200-058
Repco CV Joint Boot Kit - 200-822
Fargo CV Joint - KCV001
Repco CV Joint Boot Kit - 200-012
Showing 1 - 19 of 980 products

Drive safely with quality cv joints, drive shafts and replacement cv boots from Repco

A damaged cv joint boot is the first sign of driveshaft and cv joint trouble

Knock, knock, knock. That's not the sound of the courier with your latest online purchase but it could be the sound of worn and leaking CV joints as you turn corners in your car. The CV joints in your vehicles drivetrain are one of the weak points when it comes to excessive use and these can affect surrounding components when not properly maintained. Keep the running costs down on your vehicle and think about replacing both CV joints and CV boots when you can hear audible knocking or feel vibration through the steering wheel when you drive. Our extensive range from leading brands such as Kelpro, Hardy Spicer and our own Repco range mean we have the right driveline products for your vehicle.

What does a CV joint do?

Constant Velocity joints or CV joints connect between the wheel hub and the driveshaft that transmits power from the engine or drivetrain. CV joints comprise ball bearings and a ball bearing race for housing these balls, with the unit then packed with high temperature bearing grease and a protective CV joint boot sealing against water and dirt ingress.Outer cv joints connect the the driveshaft to the wheel hub by way of a hub nut and this is true on both front wheel drive cars and many rear wheel drive vehicles.

Some driveshafts comprise both outer cv joints as well as inner cv joints to enable the suspension and steering to travel through their required range of up and down motion and turning angles. Modern all wheel or four wheel drive cars will may have as many as 8 CV joints in their drivetrain so in many cases a cv joint boot failing is not a matter or if, but a matter of when.

Why do I need a new CV Joint, CV boot or driveshaft?

Over time and with the underside of our vehicles being subjected to all manner of heat, dirt, water and wear these inner or outer cv joint boots can sometime split or separate from the CV joint they cover. This may be apparent by dark grease splattered on surrounding components such as the lower ball joint.From there it is only a matter of time before the grease runs out or becomes ineffective to the lubrication of the joint. Once this happens, the metal on metal contact between the drive shaft and the CV joint will eventually get louder and more pronounced especially as you turn corners and put your more load through these components. This can be noticed by either a clunking noise or a clicking or popping noise. These components will eventually fail and will contribute to a sizeable bill to fix this and get you back on the road.

CV joints deliver that constant speed to your drive wheels and should be typically inspected every service. Regular maintenance visits however are not usually required if visual inspection suggest nothing amiss. Most CV joint problems stem from when the protective boot cracks and grease is coming from within. This early sign will enable you to visit your local mechanic to have it rectified.

Shop Repco's range of quality CV Joints, CV Boots and Replacement Driveshafts

Repco stock a wide range of quality CV joint replacementoptions that have been manufactured to stand up to the harsh punishment these components endure and by replacing these will save on long term issues that can be costly. Most vehicles today whether they be front wheel drive vehicles, rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive rely on driveshafts and constant velocity (CV) joints to transmit power to the wheels.With the range of motion these CV joints go through they are packed with high temperature grease and are encase in a tough rubber or plastic boot to contain this grease.

Don't be left stranded with a failed inner cv joint or any other cv joint problems when you keep on top of any potential problems by visually checking these periodically. Any signs of excess grease on components or tears in the boot will give you an indication bigger issues soon to be in play. Browse online and use our Rego search tool to find not just the right CV joint boot but the full range of Steering and suspension for your vehicle.

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