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The best Engine Additives for any situation

As you click through the engine additives section of this website or stroll down the aisle at a Repco store near you, the range of engine additives seem endless. The type of driving you do will have a bearing on the use of additives also. The family vehicle doing small run school pick-ups and drop-offs or those travelling in stop and start traffic may benefit through the use of a fuel additive by getting improved mileage or through an improvement in the performance of your engine. Best part of all, for the relative small expense, its something well worth considering during your next shop. A new bottle once every 5000km's is a small price to pay and your engine will feel all the better for it.

If you're searching for a way lengthen the life of your engine and the trasmission is functioning well, then a bottle of Trans fluid should give you that extension. For those transmissions shifting well but have sprung a leak, a bottle of Transmission Stop Leak will swell the seals and slow down the leak and allow you time to replace the seal or gasket. A lick of Shift Eze or Sudder Fix should also provide peace of mind.

For those driving classics or older cars, an oil additive will provide an extra layer of protection. When performing your next oil change, slip in a bottle of engine oil additive. Whilst its no magic fix, adding a bottle when performing your oil and filter change will be the next best thing.

Noticed a slight puddle on your driveway or in the garage? Chances are you have a cracked radiator, a loose hose clamp or a cracked heater hose. If after some examination you find the leak coming from your radiator, freeze plug or heater core, pouring a radiator additive directly into the radiator should seal the leak. Next time your due for a coolant change, drop another sealer in there. If the leak continues, its replacement time!

By simply maintaining your engine and applying a couple of engine additives when required, you'll continue to provide a level of care for your engine and ensure it gets you to where you need to be. These relative affordable products will preserve your engine and prolong any regualar trips to the mechanics workshop.

When it comes to your engine, we understand the importance of maintaining its care. Our range of engine additives, fuel additives, power steering fluid, transmission & radiator additives will make your product selection experience as simple and seamless as possible. Jump online and search by brand, or alternatively, if any further information is require our helpful staff in any one of our nationwide network of stores will be more than willing to provide any assistance.

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