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Brake Calipers

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Frenkit Brake Caliper Kit Isu D-Max Trooper F 83-03 - 260015
Frenkit Brake Caliper Piston D: 51 d: 37 H: 43.8 - P514301
Frenkit Brake Caliper Kit Ford Falcon Au Ba Front 00- D: 42 - 242041
Repco Ratcheting Brake Pad Spreader - RST225
Frenkit Brake Caliper Piston D:42 D:32 H:44.6 - P424401
Frenkit Brake Caliper Piston D: 45 D: 25.5 H: 53.6 - P455303
Frenkit Brake Caliper Kit Mazda F D: 54Mm - 254033
Frenkit Brake Caliper Kit Nis Murano 3.5L R 05- 43Mm - 243051
Frenkit Brake Caliper Kit D: 54Mm - 254114
Frenkit Brake Caliper Kit Front D: 43 - 243006
Frenkit Brake Caliper Kit Honda Jazz Logo D: 51Mm - 251029
Frenkit Brake Caliper Kit Honda Mazda D: 38Mm - 238025
DBA Street Series Disc Brake Caliper LH - DBAC1024
Frenkit Brake Caliper Kit F Toy Auris Camry Prius Rav - 263003
Frenkit Brake Caliper Kit Toyota Corolla Rav4 F D: 54Mm - 254055
Frenkit Brake Caliper Repair Kit D: 36mm - 236021
Frenkit Brake Caliper Kit D: 57Mm - 257019
Frenkit Brake Caliper Piston D: 43 D: 29 H: 48 - P434801
Frenkit Brake Caliper Kit D: 45mm - 245015
Frenkit Brake Caliper Kit 626 Telstar R 92- D: 30Mm Sp-Z - 230008
Showing 1 - 20 of 823 products

Repco have brake calipers and brake caliper kits for the widest range of vehicles on the road

Staying safe on the road means ensuring the braking system of your vehicle is operating effectively. This also means that all brake components are functioning in unison to provide the stopping power needed under any conditions. When it comes to brake calipers these are a critical piece of the braking system and must operate smoothly and effectively when called upon.

Popular Questions Asked

What is a brake caliper?

Similar to the function of traditional cable brakes on a bicycle, a brake caliper comprises 2 brake pads and operates hydraulically via the activation of the brake pedal and the transfer of brake fluid from the master cylinder to the brake caliper piston. The brake caliper piston or pistons then apply force to the brake pads as these contact the brake rotor allowing you to slow down and stop.

Most modern vehicles have disc brakes on the front and rear wheels so have calipers located on all 4 corners. Due to the braking force required, rear wheel calipers are usually smaller than the front wheels and brake calipers can comprise one, two, four or even six caliper pistons to transfer the pressure to the brake pad.

Brake calipers and the brake caliper bracket are built for the life of the vehicle yet the moving parts within the caliper are what wears and needs maintenance or replacement throughout the vehicles life.

How to tell if a brake caliper is faulty

Over time the pistons and seals within the brake caliper can become worn and either leak brake fluid or the pistons can get stuck. When a seized brake caliper occurs you may feel one wheel pull in that direction or hear a squealing or grinding noise based on the condition of the disc brake and brake pad.

This stuck brake caliper will cause accelerated wear on the brake pad and disc brake and this can then turn to metal on metal contact and loss of braking performance if not attended to.

Can you drive with bad brake calipers?

As advised, the malfunction of your brake caliper should not be left undiagnosed or unrepaired for any length of time. Once these components have become faulty they will deteriorate further.

The easiest way to rectify a sticking or leaking brake caliper is with a brake caliper kit which can comprise new seals, parts and in some cases new caliper pistons. Any reputable mechanic or workshop can install these and sometimes for ease of replacing they may install a completely new caliper complete with these consumables.

Using Repco's handy Rego search tool you can enter your vehicle details and once showing your vehicle shop the right brake and caliper components for your car. With a Repco store location nearby you can be sure of having the ability to get the best parts at the best prices.

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