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Power Steering Hoses

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Repco Power Steering Hose - RSH076
Kelpro (Kelray) Power Steering Hose - HPS012
Kelpro (kelray) Power Steering Hose - HPS006
Repco Power Steering Hose - RSH095
Repco Power Steering Hose - RSH006
Gates Power Steering Hose - 02-1414
Kelpro (kelray) Power Steering Hose - HPS096

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Repco Power Steering Hose - RSH021
Kelpro (Kelray) Power Steering Hose - HPS068
Repco Power Steering Hose - RSH064
Kelpro (Kelray) Power Steering Hose - HPS007
Mackay Power Steering Hose - CH2585
Repco Power Steering Hose - RSH062
Kelpro (Kelray) Power Steering Hose - HPS088
Repco Power Steering Hose - RSH081
Repco Power Steering Hose - RSH087
Goss 10Mm Power Steering Hose (5M) - PSR100L50
Repco Power Steering Hose - RSH078
Repco Power Steering Hose - RSH074
Showing 1 - 19 of 34 products

Power Steering Hoses

There are two types of power steering hose that connect the power steering pump to the power steering rack or box.

High Pressure Hose - feeds power steering fluid (hydraulic oil) under high pressure from the pump to the steering box or rack. This is used to assist the steering box or rack turn the wheel. The high pressure hoses have thicker rubber on them and screw up metal fittings like brake lines as they need to withstand heat and pressure.

Low Pressure Hose - The return line for the fluid from the box or rack to the power steering pump. The low pressure lines are far simpler and the rubber hose just uses a hose clamp

Popular Questions Asked

What are the symptoms that a Power Steering Hose needs replacing?

  • Cracks in the rubber
  • Rust or corrosion on the metal connectors or lines
  • Connectors or joints where rubber and metal tubes meet seeping or dripping fluid
  • Rubber part of the hose bulging
  • Do you have to bleed the Power Steering System after replacing a hose?

    After replacing any power steering component it is a good idea to bleed the system. You want to remove any air out of it. A lot of times it is as simple as turning the wheels from lock to lock a few times. Then check and top up power steering fluid as required.

    How much do Power Steering Hoses cost?

    They are approximately $150 to $500 to replace a power steering hose. Some can be a lot more expensive. It will usually be the high pressure one that fails as this gets worked the hardest. The low pressure ones tend to die of old age rather than being overworked.

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