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Milwaukee M12 FUEL Straight Die Grinder (Tool only) - M12FDGS-0
Milwaukee M12 FUEL Right Angle Die Grinder (Tool only) - M12FDGA-0
Milwaukee 125mm (5In) 1550W Angle Grinder - AGV15-125XE

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T&E Bench Grinder and Sander
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products

Power Tools Angle Grinders & Die Grinders

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An angle grinder or die grinder are a handy tool to have in the garage or workshop. They can do more than just grind & cut metal. There are cutting & grinding attachments for materials like plastic, wood & masonry. At Repco we stock the Milwaukee brand of cordless angle grinders and die grinders. Want a corded angle grinder? We can get one if required.

What does an Angle Grinder, Die grinder do?

Angle grinders take cutting wheels and grinding disc's from the small machine at 4"(100mm) to the large 9"(230mm). They are more cumbersome than a die grinder and you need more space when using them. Their cutting and grinding power is far greater due to the disc size. Die grinders are designed to get into smaller nooks and cranny's. They are way more manoeuvrable and work well in tight spaces.

Why do I need an Angle Grinder or Die Grinder?

Angle grinders work well if doing large fabrication/construction work that involves welding, like fixing an all metal 6x4 trailer or vehicle restorations. They mainly do cutting and grinding. Die grinders on the other hand have loads of different attachments for them. You can cut and grind, sand and polish with a die grinder.

Safety when Grinding or Cutting

To cut through or grind steel the disc spins at incredibly high RPM. It chews into the metal breaking it down into small red hot chunks like a dust. That is what the sparks are. By doing it the metal also gets very hot. It is vitally important to wear safety glasses or better still a visor when grinding or cutting. Ear muffs are another vital step as are leather gloves to handle the hot metal. The last thing to look for is where the sparks are going when cutting or grinding. There has been many a garage or shed that has caught fire because the sparks fell on a newspaper or rag or worse.

From personal experience I did some grinding on the back veranda near the kitchen window. I let the shower of sparks hit the window thinking it was OK. The hot metal imbedded itself in the glass. If it can do that what hope has a naked eye got. Great lesson!

Our Range of Angle Grinder & Die Grinders

At Repco we have a great range of die and angle grinders. If we don't have the Milwaukee item you want, no problem, we can order it in. The new tech that runs the tools on batteries and not cords makes life easier. No more rolling out extension leads. Make sure you get some spare batteries so there is less downtime. Get online and compare products and price. Check stores prior to purchase for product availability. Don't forget to check our catalogues for a sale or discount offer. With over 400 stores Repco is bound to have a store in a location near you.

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